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Sometimes, you just crave a "Big Mac" and nothing else will work.  I enjoyed my first "Big Mac" when they were a new sensation, way back in 1971, and to this day, I occasionally get "the craving" when nothing else will work.  During a May, 2018 to the small high desert town of Mojave, I got "the craving" so I headed over to the new McDonald's store to get my "Big Mac fix."

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Mojave's "new" McDonald's, located at the corner of CA 58 and Sierra Highway, on the south end of the small Kern County town of Mojave.  McDonald's has been in town as long as I can remember, and their old location was on Sierra Highway, just north of Belshaw St., but it was closed in late 2014, and relocated to the "new," high-tech location.  There's nothing left of the old location but a weed-grown vacant lot, as the old restaurant was bulldozed to the ground.

Sometimes I get a craving for a "Big Mac" and nothing else but the genuine article will work.  That's the case on this early Wednesday evening, May 23, 2018, where I just HAD to enjoy a "Big Mac" and fries for dinner after a hard day of railfanning U.P.'s Tehachapi Line, a few miles west of the town of Mojave.

Photo:  As you walk in the door, you'll immediately notice the order counter, and the sparkling clean dining room.

Photo:  As in your typical McDonald's format, you choose your order from the menu board above the counter, place your order, pay for it, and your receipt will have a "number," mine was 305, and when your order is ready, your number will be called, and you pick your order at the counter.  If you're ordering "to go," your order will be placed in a bag, if it's a "dine-in," it will be placed on a cheery, red-orange plastic tray.  She gal taking orders and ringing them up wears a headset, as she also takes order for the busy drive-through windows.

Photo:  This lady places her order with a different staff member, as the "order taker" in the previous photo also fetches completed orders, delivers them to the counter, and calls the number.  You also get a peek into the kitchen, and watch the busy staff hard at work on this early Wednesday evening.

Photo:  I smile as I hold up order "305," as I know my "Big Mac" craving will soon be satisfied.

Photo:  I took my bag back to camp, opened it, and BEHOLD!  "Big Mac," and fries, perfectly cooked... my fix was satisfied.

I took my burger and fries back to my camp, and enjoyed my Big Mac, and satisfied my "Big Mac craving."  Yes, the menu at all of the McDonald's stores are nearly identical, but when you're visiting  Mojave, and camping out near the railroad tracks, it's great to munch on a Big Mac and fries, as you watch the trains roll by, and the coyotes howl.

2351 State Highway 58
Mojave, CA 93501
661 824-4423

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