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To me, the Eastern Sierra area of California is a magic place, as it features panoramic views, uncrowded spaces, lots of four wheeling/exploring, Mono Lake and more.  It's a slice of heaven... especially when you're hungry and you're looking for an "old school" burger... Yes, you can get your "burger fix" at Mono Cone, located in Lee Vining, on the shore of beautiful Mono Lake.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's just a little past noon on Tuesday, June 19, 2018, and we're at Mono Cone, ready to enjoy a burger.  I've been by this restaurant probably 200 times, but for some reason, had never stopped by until today, at the urging of my brother, Michael, who stands tall in the photo.  There is nothing like a burger and fries to enjoy in Lee Vining, on the shores of Mono Lake, on an early afternoon in June.

Photo:  The menu is posted outside, so you make your selection from the menu, pay at the order window, get a number, and you wait for your "number" to be called.  In my case, from paying for my order to receiving it was around 10 minutes, so the service is very fast and efficient.  

Note to all interested diners:  Bring your green stamps, as this restaurant is "Cash only."  You must consider you're in Lee Vining, CA, which may technically be in the same state as San Francisco or Los Angeles, yet you're world's away from the major population centers of the state.

Photo:  The entrance to the small dining room.  Yes, that's it.  On this early June afternoon, it was very pleasant to dine outdoors, on the shady lawn in back of the restaurant.  On the other hand, in winter, Lee Vining frequently experiences minus zero degree temperatures, and since Mono Cone is open all year long, if the outside temperature was minus zero, I'd be happy to dine indoors, as it would be darn cold to attempt to enjoy a burger outside.

Photo:  You make your selection from the menu, tell the order gal, pay for it at the window, you get a number for your reference, and you pick it up at the "pick up" window, at the left of the photo.  Mono Cone is "cash only," but you must remember that you're in Lee Vining, and not in Sacramento, Fresno or Los Angeles.

Photo:  We arrived at the restaurant shortly after noon and managed to enjoy a shady table on the spacious lawn, in back of the restaurant.  By the time we finished our lunch, the restaurant was crowded, thanks to a tour bus and many locals.  My brother, Michael, was served just before I received my order, so he's starting to enjoy his burger, as I snap the photo on the uncrowded garden, as I wait for my burger to arrive.

Mono Cone caters to the many travelers on U.S. Highway 395, but it also enjoys a tremendous following of the Lee Vining locals.  This fine restaurant has been in business since I can remember - or maybe before - and I've been enjoying Mono Lake, Lee Vining and the surrounding area for 60+ years...

Photo:  I really don't think the gal that is working the pick-up window wants her photo taken!  The palm of her hand is pretty, but I believe her face would be prettier.  Such is the life of a burger enthusiast, and small-time photographer like me...

Photo:  I relax, smile as I get ready to enjoy a burger and fries.  After this fine restaurant adventure, my brother and I hiked to Lukens Lake, made it back to camp, and enjoyed a few more wonderful days at Tamarack Flat, in Yosemite Nat'l Park.  Check out the complete article by clicking on THIS LINK.

Photo:  When I visit a "new" restaurant, I like to start at the top of the menu, so that's what I did today at Mono Cone, as I ordered a "Hamburger and Fries," which are separate, from the top of the menu.  I was thirsty, so I splurged and ordered a small Pepsi.

The fries are separate, and you get a MOUNTAIN of them... you should consider sharing them with your friend.  The fries are excellent, no way about it, as they're perfectly deep fried, golden brown on the outside, and chewy on the inside.  They're cooked perfect, just the way I love my fries.  Boy o boy, do I LOVE fries!!!

The burger is "old school" all the way through, complete with Thousand Island dressing, mayonnaise, onion, tomato, pickle lettuce, and - of course - a perfectly cooked meat patty, on a fresh bun.  Condiments, such as ketchup and mustard are available, but who needs them when you have such a delicious burger?

Mono Cone serves a great burger, at a very reasonable price.  If you're looking for a great burger in Lee Vining, look no further than Mono Cone.

Mono Cone
51508 Hwy. 395
Lee Vining, CA 93541
760 647-6606

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