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Mexican food is my favorite cuisine, and I never miss the chance to enjoy a new - for me - Mexican restaurant during my travels to the Eastern Sierra, and the Mojave Desert.  Today, I had the chance to enjoy a fine brunch at La Casita Mexican Restaurant, located on Main Street, in Bishop...

Photo:  La Casita Mexican Restaurant is located on South Main Street, in Bishop.  On this late September Saturday afternoon, you can see the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the background of the photo, as I bask in the 80-degree sunshine.  In Bishop, "Main Street" is actually U.S. Highway 395, which runs north/south through the center of town.

Photo:  The main dining room as you walk into the restaurant; the bar is located to the left of the low partition, where I prefer to seat when I'm dining alone.  On this early Saturday afternoon in late September, the restaurant is practically deserted.

Photo:  La Casita Mexican Restaurant offers a full-service bar, and serves a wide variety of beer, wine and mixed drinks at reasonable prices.  

Photo:  After I placed my order, I walked to the end of the bar, and I was rewarded with a great view of the kitchen, where, to the surprise of the cooking staff, I snapped a photo.  I can't resist a kitchen shot when I get the chance!

Photo:  Immediately after I seated myself at the bar, I was served a bowl of chips, along with a bowl of fresh, in-house-made salsa.  The chips and salsa, along with the ice-cold draft beer really hit the spot, on this early Saturday afternoon, September 19, 2015, as I'd been camping in remote Saline Valley, and came to town to stock up on ice, beer, gas, and REAL food.

Photo:  My friendly server/bartender, Zee, cheerfully delivers my breakfast to me, as I'm seated at the bar. Breakfast?  Sure, it's about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, but I'd been up since 5... and I'd only had a can of Vienna sausages for breakfast, so chorizo and eggs sounded good to me.  Although it was well past breakfast, I asked Zee if chorizo and eggs were an option.  He checked with the kitchen and said it would be fine, so I enjoyed chorizo and eggs for brunch.  That's service!

Photo:  As per my request, Zee snapped my photo as I was ready to enjoy a delicious brunch.  After living on canned food in the desert for three days, I was ready for some REAL food.

Photo:  My delicious brunch of chorizo, mixed with eggs, Mexican rice, refried beans, tortillas, chips and salsa.  Of course, there is a draft beer on the side, as per my usual protocol.  Delicious food!

La Casita was happy to serve breakfast to me, upon my request, well past the "normal" breakfast time, and at the time when most people would be eating lunch!  How's that for outstanding service!  Outstanding service, great food and nice people make La Casita Mexican Restaurant a must-visit restaurant when your travels take you to Bishop.

La Casita Mexican Restaurant
175 S. Main St.
Bishop, CA 93514
760 873-4825

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