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Monday evening, December 27, 2010 after settling into the Astro Budget Motel, and downing a couple of beers, it was time for dinner.  I'd already enjoyed a gigantic breakfast in Bakersfield, where I'd been visiting, so I wasn't as hungry as I could have been.  Since I'd enjoyed a couple of beers, driving wasn't an option, but good Mexican food is always an option, and Jenny's Grill Steak and Mariscos, located only two blocks west of the motel, seemed like a good choice.

Photo:  The last time I was in town, Jenny's was a Chinese restaurant, but that's not the case any more.  Don't get me wrong, I like Chinese food, but I LOVE Mexican food, and prefer it over any other cuisine.

Photo:  Jenny is all smiles as she stands in front of the entrance to the kitchen.  This lady is super friendly and a very charming person.

Photo:  The dining room is long and narrow, and you can definitely see the Chinese heritage in the decor, but all of the golden dragons seemed to have disappeared.  My booth is in the center of the photo.  Jenny told me that she's been in the restaurant business for 20 years, and has owned Jenny's Grill Steak and Mariscos for the past 8 months.

Photo:  Jenny and helper in the kitchen.  The door to the kitchen is quite open, so I could actually stand outside and snap the photo, and not get in their way as they prepared my order of menudo.

Photo:  Jenny's menu offers practically any Mexican dish that you can imagine, at very reasonable prices.  I love menudo, which seemed just the thing on the chilly, December evening in Barstow.  So I ordered a bowl of menudo, and a few Dos Equis beers to wash it down with.  Chips and three kinds of delicious salsa were brought to my table for my snacking enjoyment.  The plate of diced onions and cilantro are to garnish the menudo, which is very common in Mexico.

Photo:  Jenny smiles as she places my order of menudo and corn tortillas on the table.  Jenny is a very friendly person, an excellent hostess, and is always smiling.  I like happy, friendly people.

Photo:  I manage a small smile as Jenny snaps my photo, as I'm about ready to enjoy a bowl of delicious menudo.

Photo:  Look at all the food you get at Jenny's!  The menudo was a perfect, brick red in color, very tasty, but not spicy.  It was chocked full of juicy, perfectly cooked tripe and hominy, and very filling and chunky.  The corn tortillas were toasted on the griddle until they were soft and bendable, which makes them good dipping material for the menudo.  The complimentary chips and the three varieties of in-house-made salsa were delicious, and in the true style of Mexico, I loaded my bowl of menudo with the diced onions and cilantro.  This meal was delicious!  Do yourself a favor and pay a visit to Jenny's Grill Steak and Mariscos... you'll love the restaurant!

Jenny's Grill Steak and Mariscos
1231 East Main St.
Barstow, CA 92311
760 255-1500

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