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Jeff's Country Kitchen, located in the small eastern Sierra town of Big Pine, is the type of restaurant that I love, as it's about as local as you can get, and it's a true slice of pure Americana.  If you're a fan of country music, you may recall the 1980's song performed by Moe Bandy, titled "Americana," well, Jeff's Country Kitchen reminds me of the sort of restaurant that would be included in that song, if it had an additional verse or two.

Photo:  In this morning photograph, the eastern Sierras make a dramatic backdrop to Jeff's Country Kitchen, on South Main Street, in Big Pine, California.

As you walk into the restaurant,  you’ll see locals, lots of them, not to mention the fishing and during hunting season, you'll see lots of deer hunters.  Big Pine is a sportsman's paradise, but that's not in the scope of this article to cover... You won't find the yuppie, hacky sack-playing, Mt. Whitney mountaineer-wannabee, generation-x crowd; they tend to pass by Big Pine, on the way to Lone Pine, almost an hour to the south.  You will find locals, cowboys, deer hunters, fishermen, truckers, plus the motorhome and trailer crowd, who are the folks that savor the delicious, hearty cuisine offered at Jeff's Country Kitchen, which caters to the taste of the eastern Sierra local residents.

Photo:  Inside Country Kitchen, you'll find pure, eastern Sierra, "Americana" decour.  My friendly, but camera-shy waitress, Marilyn, apperars in the extreme right of the photo, wearing a purple top and black pants.

The decor is pure 1970's, and if you're at home with pine paneled walls, vinyl covered booths, framed "outdoorsy" prints hung on the wall, and mounted fish and deer trophies, you'll find yourself at home at Jeff's.  As of Monday, September 28, 2009, I'd been exploring around the eastern Sierra for four days, enjoying delicious meals of canned food, and since I'm a member of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, and truly enjoy a delicious breakfast, by the time I found myself in Big Pine, around 0830 in the morning, I was in the mood for a "real" breakfast, of eggs, potatoes, sausage, gravy, and above all COFFEE!  I've four-wheeled in the Big Pine area for many years, and was familiar with Jeff's Country Kitchen, but just hadn't had the opportunity to visit, but today seemed to be the day to change things, and take the plunge.  Back to the present:  As I walked into the restaurant, I turned to my right, took my seat at a booth, and shortly I was greeted by Marilyn, who cheerfully supplied me with a menu, a pitcher of ice water, and a cup of COFFEE!

Photo:  Marilyn was happy to snap my photo, with my delicious breakfast placed on the table in front of me.  Note the pitcher of ice water, which is a nice touch.  Believe it or not, it was a chilly day, as I'm wearing a sweat shirt.

The breakfast menu is quite ample, and it is almost mind-wrecking to decide what entree to choose from the numerous choices offered on the menu.  But I had GRAVY on my mind, so my choice was quite simple, as I ordered the Country Combo breakfast, which is a huge dish consisting of hash brown potatoes, a split biscuit topped with sausage patties, two eggs, and the whole plate is covered with delicious breakfast gravy.  

During the fifteen minute wait for my breakfast to arrive, Marilyn kept my coffee cup full of delicious coffee, and kept me from feeling too lonely, as I was dining alone, after coming to town to replenish my gas tank and ice chest.

If you're a lover of a stick-to-your-ribs breakfast, and a pure slice of Americana, the Country Combo breakfast is the meal for you.  I ordered my eggs fried over easy, and they were really easy, as the yolks were cooked to perfection, and not broken, split or hard, as frequently encountered at restaurants of lesser quality.  Oh boy!  The hash browns, the biscuit and the sausage... the verdict?  Delicious!

Photo:  Oh boy!  My country combo breakfast, as it tasted even better than it looked in this photo!

Photo:  Camera shy Marilyn, to the left of the photo, grabs a drink from the cooler, as fishermen clients enjoy breakfast from the counter.  You can see the kitchen staff in action, if you look past the dude dressed in the black tank top.  Jeff's Country Kitchen is my kind of restaurant!

There aren't many dining choices in the small town of Lone Pine, but if you're in the mood for a delicious breakfast, that will keep you fueled all day, and that's easy on your wallet, Jeff's Country Kitchen is the restaurant to choose.

Jeff's Country Kitchen
161 South Main St.
Big Pine, CA 93513
760 938-2402

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