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The small city of Bishop, California has exactly ONE Chinese restaurant, and that restaurant happens to be Imperial Gourmet Chinese Restaurant. When a town can boast of only one Chinese restaurant, and I'm in town, it's my duty to enjoy a meal, enjoy the hospitality, and post a write-up on my web site about my visit...

Photo:  Imperial Gourmet Chinese Restaurant is located on Bishop's main street, near the north end of town.  The restaurant worked out well for me, as it is located less than a block from the motel where I was staying.  The date is Wednesday, September 23, 2015, the time is early evening, and I'm anticipating great Chinese food in Bishop!

Photo:  The dining room is very large, and spacious, and includes a full-service bar, where I prefer to sit when I dine alone.  When you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by the greeter/cashier person, and you are seated at a table, if that's your preference.  As for me, I just made a beeline for the bar.

Photo:  Another view of the bar/dining room.  There is a large area of open space as you enter the restaurant, as shown in this photo, which adds to the spaciousness of the restaurant.

Photo:  I carefully looked over the menu, and ordered the "Gourmet Dinner," which ran $18.00 for me alone, which is a fair price, considering the fact that you get a LOT of food, and the food is DELICIOUS!  Naturally, I had to order a couple of Tsingtao beers, which are my favorite Chinese beers.  Appetizers include egg drop soup, egg roll, fried wontons, and HOT mustard, along with sweet/sour sauce.  

Photo:  My friendly server, Alissa, who was very friendly, efficient, but quite camera-shy, so I had to take a photo of her on the "sly."  Why are so many beautiful women camera shy?

Photo:  I'm not camera-shy, as Alissa snapped my photo, as I was seated to enjoy my meal.

Photo:  I ordered the "Gourmet Dinner," for $18.00 per person, so it was $18.00 - besides beer, taxes and tips - for just "me."  A previous photo showed the appetizers, this photo shows the entree.  The "Gourmet Dinner" includes choices of 8 different entrees, but I chose #2 from the menu, which is sweet and sour pork, which, when it comes to Chinese food, always reels me in, like a hungry shark.  Along with the main entree, came a large bowl of rice.  Lots of food!

Delicious!  Despite the fact that Imperial Gourmet Chinese Restaurant is the only Chinese restaurant in Bishop, their food is outstanding, and could stand up against competition in a market saturated in Chinese restaurants.  The food is delicious, there is plenty of it, the price is fair, and the service is friendly and excellent.  

Imperial Gourmet Chinese Restaurant enjoys a monopoly on Chinese food in Bishop, but the food, the service and the atmosphere could compete with any Chinese restaurant, in any city.  The food is delicious, the portions are ample, the dining room is comfortable, and the people are friendly.  Imperial Gourmet Chinese Restaurant is "the way to go" for delicious Chinese food in Bishop!

Imperial Gourmet Chinese Restaurant
930 North Main Street
Bishop, CA 93514
760 872-1144

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