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Texas meets Bishop at Holy Smoke Texas Style BBQ, which is a lot to say, as Bishop, California, is a long way from Texas, but after enjoying a fantastic dinner at Holy Smoke, I can assure you a piece of Texas lives in Bishop.

Photo:  Holy Smoke Texas Style BBQ is located on North Main Street, in Bishop, CA.  You have to love the hay bales for decoration, and the lights that outline the building.  The adjacent parking lot, not shown in the photo, offers plenty of free parking for those who enjoy barbecue, in the style of Texas.

Photo:  Like any authentic Texas-style barbecue restaurant, as you walk in to Holy Smoke, you eye the menu, make your selection, pay for it, and one of the friendly staff members will bring your order to your table.  Barbecue, by nature, is informal, so if I walk into a barbecue restaurant that offers full service, I'm always skeptical, and I usually leave.

Photo:  The menu is posted above the order counter, but there are menus all around the restaurant. Photo shows a sample of the menu, along with the prices, as this review was published.

Photo:  Are we in Bishop, or Bastrop?  Holy Smoke Texas Style BBQ features Texas memorabilia throughout the restaurant, and this display is adjacent to the order counter.

Photo:  Placed on a wall, near the entrance, is a white board, where customers are encouraged to post comments and graffiti.  I think this is a nice touch!

Photo:  On this early Monday evening, March 31, 2014, the dining room was packed with hungry diners.  The enhance the atmosphere, country music was paying in the background.  

Photo:  Every table contains squeeze bottles of four kinds of barbecue sauce, and a roll of paper towels, along with salt, pepper and honey.  I love the rustic log that holds the squeeze bottles and the paper towels.  Note, in the true style of Texas barbecue, the meat is smoked without barbecue sauce added during the cooking process, and barbecue sauce is applied at the table. That's the way barbecue is served in Texas, and that's the way barbecue is served at Holy Smoke Texas Style BBQ in Bishop.  Folks, that's Texas!

Photo:  My order of "Big Bubba" arrived in a timely manner, by friendly Mia, who graciously allowed me to take her photo.  When I placed my order at the counter, I let them know that I wanted to take a few photos, and publish a review on my web site, and they gave me permission.  Whatever the case, it's free, very positive advertising!

Photo:  I ponder my delicious meal as Mia takes my photo, at my request.  Check out the next photo for a complete description of this amazing, Texas-style barbecue dinner.

Photo:  My dinner of "Big Bubba" and two sides, in my case, the sides were beans and a baked potato.  The menu describes "Big Bubba" as, "Tri-tip beef, extra tender, smoked to perfection, thin sliced, with 2 sidekicks."  The tri-tip was juicy, smoked perfectly, and so tender that it melted in my mouth, and I didn't need a knife to cut it, as my fork worked perfectly.  Delicious!  The barbecue beans had barbeque sauce and bacon, and were heavenly.  I ordered the baked potato with "everything," which included sour cream, shredded Cheddar cheese, and diced, pickled jalapeno pepper slices.  A thick slice of white bread finished off this delicious meal.  I can say this dinner was the best, and most authentic Texas style barbecue that I've enjoyed west of the Pecos River.  Amazing!

Holy Smoke Texas Style BBQ produces some of the best Texas-style barbecue that I've had the pleasure to enjoy, west of the Pecos River.  When you're in Bishop, and if you're in the mood for truly authentic Texas-style barbecue, look no further than Holy Smoke Texas Style BBQ.

Holy Smoke Texas Style BBQ
772 N. Main St.
Bishop, CA 93514
714 394-2937

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