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Friday, November 6, 2009, I spent much of the day four wheeling, on the outskirts of Mojave, CA, and doing a bit of railfanning, as Mojave is located on Union Pacific Railroad's fabled Tehachapi route, at the eastern foot of the Tehachapi Mountains.  By the time I dragged myself back to the motel, I was tired, darkness was approaching, and I didn't have the energy even to pick up a fast food delight, much less dine at a sit-down restaurant.  I was staying at Mojave's Motel Six, and Oasis Gas America is located next door, and I was in luck, as the gas station includes a mini-mart.  So it all adds up:  Dog tired + next-door location + not very hungry = dinner from the mini-mart.

Photo:  The setting early November sun gives Oasis Gas America a Kodachrome look.  The mini-mart is on the right hand side of the building, the left area of the building is an out-of-business restaurant.

Photo:  Inside the mini-mart, looking past the soap, cigarettes and junk food, toward the counter.

Believe me, this place is not a deli; it's a min-mart that sells tons of junk food, beer, soft drinks, souvenirs and all of the other goodies that you'd expect to find at a mini-mart that caters to highway traffic.  In the back of the store, next to the copious amount of beer, they have a small section that features pre-made burritos, sandwiches and submarine sandwiches.  The selection is quite small, and each item is pre-made and shrink wrapped.  But, if you're hungry and tired, a cold submarine sandwich hits the spot, and that's exactly what I pulled from the cooler.  Being the photojournalist that I fancy I am, I snapped a photo inside the store, for posterity.

As I paid for the sandwich, the clerk asked me, "What's with the camera?"  I couldn't figure out if he was bored, surly or indifferent, but I played dumb and told him that I'd just purchased the camera and was going photo-crazy trying it out.  I seemed to have satisfied his nonchalant curiosity, as he simply shrugged as he handed me my change, and my cold, shrink-wrapped submarine sandwich.

Photo:  My pre-made, un-opened submarine sandwich, which seems to be a free advertisement for The Brown Bag Sandwich Company.  Believe it or not, this sandwich was quite good!

Actually, the sandwich was quite good, as it had lots of meat, cheese, mustard, and a delicious, tangy, mayonnaise and pickle dressing.  Perhaps it helped that I washed it down with a combination of beer and tequila...

Oasis Gas America
16900 State Highway 14
Mojave, CA 93501
(661) 824-4675

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