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"Ludlow Dairy Queen 76 Gas and Food Mart."  Wow!  That's quite a lot to say, almost as much of a mouthful as a bite into a one-half pound Flamethrower GrillBurger from Dairy Queen...  but the Dairy Queen at Ludlow, CA isn't your joe-average fast-food restaurant, as it's enclosed within the comfortable, air-conditioned confines of the ultra-modern 76 gas station, on the east side of Interstate 40.

Photo:  DQ is located inside Ludlow's only 76 station, which caters to practically every need of the interstate traveler.  The New York Mountains rise in the background of the photo.

Dining options are few and far between in the small Mojave Desert town of Ludlow, which is situated along busy Interstate 40, about halfway between Newberry Springs and Needles.  Ludlow's Dairy Queen features the complete menu featured by the national chain, so even though you're in the middle of the desert, you can still enjoy your favorite burgers, shakes, and other treats that you know and crave.  If DQ's fine fare wasn't enough, the 76 station is a Food Mart as well, so you have an endless array of beverages and snack foods to choose from... the store even has a decent selection of groceries, camping supplies, general merchandise, and of course, gaudy souvenirs.  Just don't expect to find wine, beer or liquor, as Ludlow is poso seco, in other words, a dry down.  It's not a Bible-belt town, nor does the area feature the I-hate-booze mentality, it's just nobody in town has bothered to obtain the necessary paperwork required to sell booze.  I'm sure the San Bernardino county mounties and the C.H.P. appreciate the fact that no booze is sold, as perhaps it cuts down on drunk drivers on the nearby interstate.

Photo:  Inside the Food Mart, you'll be treated to an endless variety of snack foods.  They even sell movies on DVD! Just don't try to purchase beer, as none is sold in town.

Sunday, March 15, 2009 found me in the mood for a Dairy Queen burger, and the Ludlow 76 gas station was the right place to be.  The restaurant is located inside the food mart, and you're greeted with the Dairy Queen menu sign that is a mirror-image of every DQ menu sign in the 50 states... the worker are dressed in DQ uniforms, hey Dorothy, you're at Dairy Queen!  I felt right at home, and actually had to look out the windows to reassure myself that I was in the middle of the Mojave Desert.  Anyway, I ordered one of the quarter pound Bacon Cheddar GrillBurgers, which are one of my favorite DQ offerings, paid for my order, and took a seat at one of the clean, comfortable tables.

Photo:  Notice the familiar Dairy Queen menu above the order counter.  The restaurant was very busy on this early Sunday evening.

Photo:  As I waited for my number to be called, I couldn't help to snap a photo of these contented diners, and the staff busy at work behind the counter.

Service is top-notch, as in just a couple of minutes my number was called, and I was able to go to the counter and pick up my order.  My GrillBurger was juicy, grilled, and ooooooozing with goody, cheddar cheese, and topped with bacon, dill pickle slices, and catsup.  Of course it was delicious!  Yes, it tasted like the DQ burgers that I've enjoyed at home, and at other locations during my travels across the west.

Photo:  My quarter-pound bacon cheese GrillBurger, cooked to perfection, just like at every other Dairy Queen that I've ever had the pleasure to visit.

You'll find no surprises at Ludlow's DQ, as you'll be treated to the same, great burgers that you've become accustomed to as you travel our great country.  If you're in the mood for a delicious GrillBurger, I highly recommend Ludlow Dairy Queen.

Ludlow Dairy Queen
25635 Crucero Rd.
Ludlow, CA 92338
760 733-4709

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