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Located just outside the southeastern entrance of Death Valley National Park in the tiny community of Shoshone, Crowbar Cafe & Saloon offers delicious food, drink, and lots of friendly service.  It's a true piece of Americana, an oasis in the desert, and is as western as a John Wayne movie.

Photo:  Crowbar Cafe & Saloon is located in the small desert community of Shoshone, just outside Death Valley National Park.  The restaurant and bar are very unique, offer western atmosphere, and the people are very friendly. It's Monday morning, March 21, 2016, and I'm headed to breakfast.  If you like history, there is a small museum located next to the restaurant, that displays memorabilia from the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad, and other subjects of local, historical interest.  Don't expect to photograph a train action, as the railroad has been defunct since 1940.

Photo:  I rarely take close-up photos of the outside of restaurants, but I couldn't pass this photo by, as it's priceless. Crowbar Cafe & Saloon offers pleasant outdoor dining, which works on this 70-degree March morning.  Note the pay telephone booth - what's that? - and the dog sleeping near the flower pot.  Priceless!

Photo:  This is the cafe section of the restaurant, as you walk in the front door.  The decor is quite plain, and the most noticeable attraction would be the western mural behind the counter.  The kitchen is to the rear of the photo, where my friendly server, Sunny, is hard at work.

Photo:  The saloon section adjoins the restaurant; they are actually two building joined together.  Like the restaurant, the saloon is quite plain, as it features a full-service bar and a few tables.  You can eat breakfast in the saloon side of the restaurant if you choose, as this couple is doing.  Although Shoshone is only a couple hours drive from Las Vegas, it's light-years away!

Photo:  Meet Sunny, my friendly server with a bubbling personality, who truly lives up to her name.  She was more than happy to allow me to snap her photo.

Photo:  Upon my request, Sunny took my photo as I'm ready to chow don on he best breakfast in Shoshone.  Photo gives a good idea of what the dining room looks like.  

Photo:  I ordered sausage, hash brown potatoes, eggs and toast.  To me, the benchmark of a good breakfast restaurant is how they cook the eggs, when you order them over easy, which is my favorite way to eat eggs.  The eggs, fried over easy were cooked perfectly, so I was instantly in love with Crowbar Cafe.  I was surprised at the sheer size of the sausages, as they were HUGE!  This breakfast was amazing!

Crowbar Cafe & Saloon is the kind of diner that I love, as it's unique, has lots of personality, serves great food, and the staff is super friendly.  It's a small-town diner, where everybody is treated like family.  As you drive through the Armagosa Valley on the way to Death Valley National Park, stop by Crowbar Cafe and Saloon for a great meal, and a good time.

Crowbar Cafe & Saloon
112 N State Hwy 127
Shoshone, CA 92384
760 852-4123

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