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Bishop is the largest town - population 3700 - in Inyo County, California, and hosts some of the best culinary experiences offered in the Eastern Sierra.  Call me "Wimpy," but one of my favorite foods is a burger, either a "hamburger" or a "cheeseburger..." a burger is a burger, and I crave burgers.  I could eat a burger for every meal for the rest of my life and die a happy guy.  Legendary burgers of all shapes and varieties are to be found at Bishop Burger Barn, located in Bishop, CA.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Bishop Burger Barn is located at the west end of Bishop, in a rather rustic, unimposing "campus."  The restaurant features several buildings, lots of patio dining, and if you're looking for an amazing burger in Bishop, you've come to the right place.  It's early Thursday afternoon, April 05, 2018, and I'm at Bishop Burger Barn, and I'm stoked, and fueled for a burger...

Photo:  The menu is posted outside the order window.  Note the limited menu...who cares?  The emphasis is on burgers, and that's what you get.  Note the burgers come "solo," so if you want fries, tator tots or whatever, you need to order them separate.  If you're an alcoholic, you've come to the wrong place, as no alcohol is offered at this fine burger restaurant.

Photo:  The staff at the order window seem to be surprised as I take a photo.  The smiling gal to the left of the photo is Alena, who delivered my American "Classic" burger to me, with a smile.

The menu - see previous photo - is located to the left of the order window.  You make your selection at the order window, pay for it, and the cashier will ask your name.  You tell them where you're sitting, and someone - in my case Alena - will bring your order to your table.  Tips are not necessary or expected, but there is a tip jar by the order window, if you're inclined to tip.

Photo:  A peek into the kitchen from the order window shows the deep fryer guy, hard at work.  

Photo:  After placing my order, I seated myself at one of the many shaded outdoor tables and waited for my order to arrive.  It took about 15 minutes for my order to arrive, which is good timing.  Bishop Burger Barn isn't "fast food," as each burger and a side or fries is cooked to order.  Actually it was very pleasant on this warm, early spring afternoon to sit outside, watch the world go by, and daydream about the amazing burger I was about to enjoy.

Photo:  Meet Alena, my friendly server who delivered my double American "Classic" burger to me, along with a small order of fries, with an Emmy Award winning smile.

Photo:  Thanks, Alenea, for taking my photo, with my burger and fries, as I'm nearly ready to journey down the road of the best burger in Bishop, or perhaps, anywhere...

Photo:  From the top of the "House Specialty Menu," I ordered the American "Classic" cheeseburger, along with a small order of fries.  This is how my amazing lunch was plated; note the amazing presentation. I'm glad I ordered "small" fries, as at Bishop Burger Barn small equals a small "hill" of fries, so "large" should equal a mountain of delicious, perfectly cooked fries.

The menu describes the American "Classic" as, quote... "An Angus patty on our house bun, topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and 1000 Island dressing."  Quite a modest description.  Since I hadn't eaten breakfast, and I was hungry, I ordered an extra patty - which comes with extra cheese - to make the whole thing a double burger.  Good choice on my part!

This is an "old school" burger, which is a supreme compliment in my book.  All ingredients are fresh, the patties are perfectly cooked, and you can actually taste the melted, American cheese.  The fries are golden brown, perfectly cooked, and aren't salty or greasy.  Perfect.  It's all in a basket, and tastes like a burger and fries, right out of the 1960's, if you can remember back that far.  Perfect.

Photo:  Meet the American "Classic" cheeseburger, in my case, a double, which is as good of burger as you'll meet anywhere on the planet.

Bishop Burger Barn is a small, mom and pop "burger campus" that serves an amazing burger!  The store is unique, locally owned and operated, the staff is super friendly, and the burgers are "over the top" delicious!  If you love burgers, Bishop Burger Barn is YOUR burger place in Bishop.

Bishop Burger Barn
2675 W. Line St. (CA 168)
Bishop, CA 93514
760 920-6567

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