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Aaron Schat's Roadhouse, located in the eastern Sierra Nevada city of Bishop, California, is the kind of restaurant that can easily fall in love with, as soon as you enter the door.  As you enter, you get a cheerful, friendly vibe, and the longer you're inside, the more you'll fall in love this this super-friendly restaurant.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's 5:30 on late Thursday afternoon, November 08, 2018, and I've arrived at Aaron Schat's Roadhouse to enjoy a brew, and a burger.  The restaurant is located on Main Street in Bishop, California, and offers great food, great beer, friendly staff and lots of easy, free parking.

Photo:  The restaurant's format is "taqueria" style, in that you pick up a menu, make your selection, and place your order with Leah, the friendly staff member who's working the cash register, and, naturally, pay for your order.  You'll be rewarded with a number, and a friendly smile.  You sit the table of your choice, and your order will be brought to you, with courtesy and a smile.  This restaurant is friendly!

You have to love the slogan "Our Burgers Are Cooked Medium and Juicy."  As I later found out, that's a very true statement!

Photo:  I had already viewed the menu, decided my choice of dinner for tonight - a burger... what else! - and I'm just waiting  in line to place my order.  Leah is the friendly gal at the cash register, and the gentleman behind her is Mike, who doubles as a bartender, and who just happened to be my friendly server.

Photo:  One page of the dinner menu, which doesn't show the rotisserie chicken offered on another page of the menu.  The steak and ribs were tempting, but I went with a burger and fries.

Photo:   Meet Leah, my friendly cashier, who cheerfully took my order, gave me a number, and then gave me a friendly smile, as she stands by the rotisserie oven where whole chickens are cooking.  

Photo:  I picked a table near the far end of the restaurant, and photo'd the dining room, with a glimpse of the kitchen to the left of the photo.  It's Thursday evening in November, that means it's football night, and a lot of people, especially those seated at the bar, are watching NFL football, where the Steelers were playing the Panthers.

Although I'm definitely a football fan, I was more interested in the ambiance of this fine restaurant than the football game.

Photo:  The kitchen is located next to the order counter, and very open, so you can see your order being cooked.  The friendly staff cracked up when I took this kitchen photo.

I absolutely LOVE kitchen photos, and I LOVE restaurants that have open kitchens.

Photo:  I ordered a Coors beer, and Angie brought it to my table with a very friendly smile.  All staff members I encountered at Aaron Schat's Roadhouse were super friendly, and went out of their way to make you feel at home, and treat you like family.  Or maybe better...?

Photo:  Meet Mike, my super friendly server who brought my burger and fries to me with a smile.  All staff members I met at Aaron Schat's Roadhouse were amazing friendly.  The staff seems to have a want-to-please creed that few restaurant seem to have.

Photo:  Thanks, Mike, for snapping my photo, on my request, as I enjoy a Coors beer and a "Shot Gun" burger, and optional fries.

Photo:  Allow me to start out by saying the "Shot Gun" burger is as good as it gets.  Ditto for the fries.  My photo doesn't do justice to the amazing dinner I enjoyed at Aaron Schat's Roadhouse.

OK, you have a burger patty on a fresh bun, and you add tomato slices, lettuce, onion, pickle slices and special sauce.  You pair it with a mountain of delicious fries and top it off with a cold beer.  It all works out for an amazing dinner!

As an aside... my dinner and bar tab came to $15.20; not bad.  Due to the amazingly friendly service and the outstanding dinner, I left a $5.00 tip, as when people treat me well, I treat them well.

My "Shot Gun" burger was delicious, the three staff members who served me were amazing friendly, and the restaurant was a lot of fun, and the "vibe" was very upbeat.  When you're in Bishop, CA, and you're looking for a good time, great food, and lots of beer on tap, think Aaron Schat's Roadhouse.

Aaron Schat's Roadhouse
871 N. Main St.
Bishop, CA 93514
760 873-0000

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