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I'm a regualr viewer of Sacramento's popular morning news/magazine television show, Good Day Sacramento. The show highlights many aspects of life in the greater Sacramento area, including local restaurants.  As a "foodie," local restaurants always grab my attention... A month or so ago, The Omelet House in Stockton was featured on the show, and after viewing the segment, The Omelet House was placed on my "to-do" list...

Photo:  Monday, September 08, 2014, I had the opportunity to visit The Omelet House, in Stockton, CA.  They have another location in nearby Lodi, which is now on my "bucket list."  Omelet House is a favorite of Stockton locals, but also attracts lots of customer from nearby CA Route 99, as there were many fifth-wheelers, semi-trucks, and box vans parked in the spacious parking lot.

Photo:  On this mid Monday morning, The Omelet House was packed with Stockton locals, enjoying a delicious breakfast.  I seated myself almost dead-center in the middle of the breakfast counter, as to enjoy a view of the kitchen, as seen through the windows, and the opportunity to observe, and chat with the staff, as they performed their duties.

Photo:  Another view of the spacious dining room, from a very different angle, as presented in the previous photo. The dining room is clean, comfortable, and very spacious.  

Photo:  My friendly server, Sabrina, picks up my order from the kitchen window.  Between the breakfast counter, and the kitchen, there is a large, stainless steel series of tables, which include toasters, milk and juice dispensers, extra silverware, napkins, and just about everything needed to finish a meal.  The staff seemed very busy to "finish off the meal" using implements from the tables, before presenting the meal to hungry diners.  When I dine alone, I prefer to seat at the breakfast counter, in order to observe the staff in action, the general operation, and to actually make chit-chat with the staff.  

Photo:  My friendly server, Sabrina, brings my order of Mexican omelet to me.  One of the windows to the kitchen is visible behind her, along with a couple of the stainless steel tables, and one of the toasters.  More on my Mexican omelet in another photo...

Photo:  I ordered a side of gravy for my breakfast, and managed to capture this "priceless" photo of Sabrina, as she brought my side of gravy to me.  The Omelet House is opens at 0530 weekdays, and 0630 on Sundays for breakfast, and closes every day at 1400; that's 2 in the afternoon.  OK, so you pull in at 0530 with a hangover, and breakfast isn't your "thing..."  No worries, as you an order a burger, or anything on the menu, as you can "mix and match" anything on the menu, anytime the restaurant is open.  In other words, you can order anything off the breakfast or lunch menu, no matter what time you're visiting the restaurant.

Photo:  Thanks, Sabrina, for snapping my photos, as I get prepared to enjoy my delicious "Mexican Omelet."  The coffee was endless and delicious.  Nothing like endless cups of coffee to make an already superior breakfast even better.

Photo:  The breakfast menu is extensive, as it occupies two pages of the menu, and it offers endless, almost daunting choices.  After doing a "fast scan" of the menu, and later a "slow scan," I sort of zeroed in on the "Mexican Omelet," as it seemed to offer just about everything I crave in an omelet.  It starts with four, yes, FOUR eggs... and is stuffed with Ortega chilies, avocado, salsa, and pepper jack cheese.  Hash brown potatoes on the side, of course, and toast, in my case, sourdough.  I ordered an optional side of gravy - for breakfast, I alternate between salsa and gravy - and of course, the breakfast was rounded out by endless cups of delicious coffee.  All I can say is that this breakfast was delicious!!!  If you're in the mood for breakfast, and you're in Stockton, this is THE place to go...

Just like show featured, The Omelet House offers fantastic breakfast, GIGANTIC portions, and reasonable prices, served by friendly people, in a comfortable, family-friendly diner.  There is nothing fancy about The Omelet House, but if you're in the mood for a delicious breakfast, follow the lead of the Stockton locals, and enjoy  a wonderful breakfast at The Omelet House.

The Omelet House
3455 Cherokee Road
Stockton, CA 95205
209 941-2750

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