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Growing up in nearby Merced in the 1960's, as a young teenager, our family would often stop for an early dinner at Sugar Pine Caf, after spending a day enjoying the scenic wonders of Yosemite National Park.  Fast forward to Friday, May 25, 2012, and as a grandfather, my buddy Robert and I had the opportunity to enjoy a great breakfast at Sugar Pine Caf.

Photo:  Although it's Memorial Day weekend, the weather is cloudy, and rain threatens us, on this Friday morning, May 26, 2012.  Sugar Pine Caf is located in downtown Mariposa, along Highway 140, on the road to Yosemite National Park.

Photo:  You walk in the front door, and you step back into the 1960's, complete with the white and black tile floor, chrome bar stools and red, naugahyde vinyl upholstery.  Don't look for computers, as there aren't any, but I suppose that Sugar Pine Caf has given in to the 21st century, as the restaurant sports an electronic cash register. The restaurant caters to both locals, who have a tendency to sit at the breakfast counter, and tourists, on the way to Yosemite.

Photo:  Sugar Pine Caf features a large breakfast counter, where you can relax, read the paper, and watch the chef in action.  Daily specials are posted on a blackboard, using chalk!  Folks, that's retro...  

Photo:  Our friendly server, Kim, has just placed our order on the table, and is in the process of getting charmed by Robert.  It took a little convincing for Kim to allow me to take her photo, as she thought it odd that I wanted her in the photo.  Kim kept our coffee mugs full of delicious coffee, and made us feel at home.

Photo:  Today's "Sugar Pine" commandos, from left to right, Eric Rench and Robert Kipperman.  We were camping at nearby Jerseydale Campground for the holiday weekend.

Photo:  I ordered from the blackboard today's special, a Portuguese Omelet, which was a three egg omelet, filled with cheese, onions, peppers and linguica, along with hash browns, sourdough toast, an optional bowl of gravy, and coffee, of course.  This breakfast was delicious, and I recommend Sugar Pine Caf as a great restaurant to enjoy breakfast, during your visit to Mariposa.

Sugar Pine Caf is virtually unchanged from the 1960's, which is a good thing.  The staff is friendly, the food is delicious, and the local clientele offer the charm of the mountains.  Sugar Pine Caf is a great place to enjoy a mountain dining experience in beautiful downtown Mariposa.

Sugar Pine Caf
5038 Highway 140
Mariposa, CA 95338
209 742-7793

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