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Reniero's Trophy Room has been a Merced instutution since the 1940's, and is about as "Merced" as Merced can get...

Photo:  Reniero's Trohpy Room is located at 636 West Main Street in Merced, and has been a Merced icon since the 1940's.  As you enter the restaurant, the bar is to the left, and the Italian restaurant is to the right.

Photo:  My first venture into Reniero's Trophy Room was back in 1973, when I turned 21, and my dad took me to the place so I could enjoy my first legal beer.  In over 40 years, the bar still looks the same as I remember from my last visit.  The same, mounted animals still adorn the walls, and even the checkered table cloths, the mural on the wall, and the wood bar haven't changed.  Oh, but I think a see a change... were high-definition televisions around in 1973?  Naught!!!!

Photo:  I enjoy a beer or two with my brother-in-law, Greg Wilson, and his wife, my sister, Bonnie.  Thanks to the bartender, and current owner, Phil Reniero, the son of the founder of the restaurant and bar, for taking the photo.

Photo:  Located behind the bar, Reniero's Trophy Room has a large jar, filled with pickled hard-boiled eggs, and Greg and Bonnie dared me to eat one of them.  When it comes to eating, I'm always up to the challenge, so I took them up on it, and asked the barkeep to give me an egg.  The price for the egg was only a dollar, so it was worth the challenge.

Photo:  My pickled egg was served on a plate, and both red and green Tabasco sauce was offered, along with salt and pepper.  I figured, as long as I going to do it, I would just "Go For It!" and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Photo:  Oh yes!  The pickled egg was delicious!  After I pronounced the egg "delicious," both Greg and Bonnie took a sample and confirmed my proclamation.

Reniero's Trophy Room has a special place in my memory, as on March 20, 1973, I turned 21, and my dad took me to Reniero's, so I could enjoy my first "legal" beer.  At the time, he worked across the street, and he and his buddies used to enjoy a beer or two after work on occasional Friday afternoons.  Quite a place!  

Reniero's Trophy Room
636 W. Main St.
Merced, CA 95340

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