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Funny how things happen in life... My son, Matthew and I had been talking for... literally... for several years about enjoying breakfast together at Rocket Shop Caf, but it wasn't until his untimely passing that I had the opportunity to enjoy a fine breakfast at Rocket Shop Caf, located at the Municipal Airport, in Bakersfield, CA.

Photo:  It's a chilly and dreary Friday morning, December 27, 2019, and I've just after the 0700 opening time to enjoy breakfast at Rocket Shop Cafe.  This isn't my first visit to this fine restaurant; scroll down the page to read of previous visits.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the decor is a cross between a sports bar, and a NASCAR bar, with a great view of the taxiway and general aviation parking, at the Bakersfield Municipal Airport.  You can't miss the full-service bar in the center of the large dining room.

On this early Friday morning, the restaurant is seated by three locals, with today's friendly server, Tanya R., behind the counter.

Photo:  The breakfast menu features all of your favorites, and features choices for everyone, including seniors, such as myself.  I started at the top of the breakfast menu, at "The Ovals" and rarely looked down.  Chicken fried bacon really caught my eye, but in the end, I went for bacon and eggs.

Photo:  After placing my order, I got up from my place at the bar, and looked out the window, where you get a great view of aviation ramp parking, and the taxiway to the runway.  This Piper PA-28 Cherokee was the only aircraft present on this early Friday morning in late December.

Photo:  Meet Tanya R., my friendly server, who delivered my breakfast to me with a friendly smile, and kept my coffee mug full of delicious coffee.

Photo:  I smile, as I know I'm about to enjoy an amazing breakfast at Rocket Shop Cafe.  Too bad I forgot to turn on the flash...

Photo:  From "The Ovals" of the breakfast menu, I went with "Bacon and Two Eggs," which features bacon, eggs, hashbrown potatoes, along with biscuit and gravy, and an endless mug of coffee.  The breakfast comes with your choice of hashbrown or country fried potatoes, eggs cooked to order, and your choice of toast, or a biscuit in country gravy.  The choice of a biscuit and gravy was a simple choice for me!

This is very much a "diner" breakfast, and the sort of breakfast that I crave.  Although the bacon, eggs and hashbrowns were delicious, the biscuit and gravy was the star of the show, as the biscuit was freshly made, and smothered in thick, savory, country gravy, that had lots of chunks of sausage.  Mmmm!!!  

I had just a couple minor complaints, as I thought the bacon was cooked a little too much, as I prefer my bacon to be very "soft."  I realize most people prefer bacon on the "hard" side, so I should have mentioned my preference to Tanya.  I ordered my eggs fried over easy, and one of them arrived more or less "medium."  Just a couple of minor complaints, which didn't detract from my great breakfast.

It was great to visit Rocket Shop Cafe again, after a nearly 8-year hiatus.  The food is great, the atmosphere is a lot of fun, and the staff is very friendly.  Such a great restaurant in Bakersfield!

Let's go back  to February 24, 2012, when I enjoyed my first breakfast at Rocket Shop Cafe...


Photo: Rocket Shop Caf is located in a metal building at the Bakersfield Municipal Airport, next to the tower.  The restaurant is a popular destination for pilots, as you can tie down your airplane next to the restaurant.


Photo:  The dining room offers lots of comfortable seating, a full-service bar, and a gift shop that sells a wide variety of NASCAR gear.


Photo:  Friday, February 24, 2012, our friendly server, Kristen,  takes our breakfast orders.


Photo:  Kristen poses with a portion of our orders.


Photo:  Robbin and Tara look on as Kristen places my order of chicken fried sausage on the table.  My late son, Matthew, had recommended that I try the chicken fried sausage, as he knew that I like to try different entres for breakfast.


Photo:  Yes, that's right, chicken fried sausage patties.  To my knowledge, Rocket Shop Cafe is the only restaurant in the state of California that offers chicken fried sausage... My delicious breakfast of biscuits and gravy, two eggs , over easy, homestyle potatoes, chicken fried sausage patties, and more gravy.  This breakfast was delicious!


Photo:  Today's happy diners, from left to right:  Eric Rench, Robbin Word, and Tara Shackleford.


Photo:  We were back in town a week later, so I took my wife, daughter and grandson to Rocket Shop Caf for breakfast.  Our friendly server, Tracy, was more than happy to have me take her picture.


Photo:  Thursday, March 1, 2012, Tracy poses Nevin and Garrett's breakfast of chicken fried bacon, eggs, potatoes and biscuits and gravy.  In addition to chicken fried sausage patties, Rocket Shop Caf offers chicken fried bacon.


Photo:  Tracy places Garrett's breakfast of chicken fried bacon, eggs, potatoes and gravy on the table.  Our friends Garrett and Nevin know their way around a great breakfast!


Photo:  Today, Sharlene and I each ordered a "Skyway Special," which included two strips of bacon, two sausage patties, biscuits and gravy, along with two fried eggs.  This breakfast was delicious!


Photo:  Jacquie and Paris split a breakfast of hash brown potatoes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, along with chicken fried bacon.

Rocket Shop Caf serves a very distinctive breakfast, as where else in the world are you able to enjoy chicken fried bacon or sausage?  Distinction aside, Rocket Shop Caf serves a great breakfast, and they're staffed by friendly people.  If you're a frequent flyer, a lover of a great breakfast, or a person who enjoys Bakersfield cuisine, then Rocket Shop Caf is your kind of restaurant...

Rocket Shop Caf
2000 South Union Ave.
Bakersfield, CA 93307
661 832-4800

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