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Pizza Factory is one of two pizza restaurants, located in the small Sierra foothill town of Mariposa.  Pizza Factory offers delicious pizza, made while you watch, by friendly staff, and offers comfortable dining in a very family-friendly atmosphere.

Photo:  Pizza Factory is located along Highway 140, which is the main street in Mariposa.  There is some street parking, but lots of easy parking is offered in a lot in back of the restaurant.

Photo:  Like in most pizza restaurant, you walk up to the counter, make your selection from the menu, posted above the kitchen - which also offers pizza pans, so you can compare sizes - pay for your order, and wait for you name to be called.  It's early Tuesday evening, September 09, 2014, and the restaurant isn't busy, so it only took about 15 minutes for our pizza to arrive.

Photo:  The kitchen is located behind the counter so you can watch the staff in action, as they create your pizza.

Photo:  Michael smiles, as our pizza is brought to the table.  While we were waiting for out pizza to arrive, we enjoyed a pitcher of Budweiser beer for only $8.00, which is a pretty fair price for a pitcher of good beer.  As Michael was driving, I drank most of the beer.

Photo:  My brother, Michael and I, as we're ready to enjoy our delicious pizza.  We ordered a large pizza, which was really more than we could eat - a medium pizza would have been more like it - but, like the troopers we are, we managed to eat about 98% of it.

Photo:  Our large "Big R Special," with everything on it.  "Everything" included three kinds of meat, mushroom, onion, olives and pepper.  The pizza arrived hot and crisp, and the crust was tender, golden, and crispy, and not at all greasy, as there was no grease in the pan, under the pizza.  That's always a sign of a great pizza.  Overall, I'd say the pizza matched the store's motto of, "We toss 'em, they're awesome."

Photo:  There is nothing like a close-up photo of a single slice of pizza, framed my a mug of cold beer, to give you the idea of what a great pizza we enjoyed.  The pizza tasted even better than it looks in the photo!

Great pizza, reasonable prices, and a fun place to kick back, pig-out, and enjoy good times and great pizza!

Mariposa Pizza Factory
5005 5th St.
Mariposa, CA 95388
209 966-3112

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