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I had the pleasure of growing up in Merced, and most of my immediate family lives there, so I visit Merced quite often.  It's always exciting when a new restaurant comes to town, as many locals feel that Merced is somewhat neglected when it comes to restaurants, and I suppose it is, when compared to destinations such as San Diego or San Francisco.  However, Mercedians need no longer feel neglected any more, as Pinocchio's Restaurant is now in town!


Photo:  The time is 6:52 P.M. on Saturday, September 8, 2012, and we've been enjoying beer on tap for several hours, as we're getting ready to order a fine dinner of vegetarian pizza, at Pinocchio's Restaurant.  Pinocchio's is located at the east end of Bob Hart Square, at the corner of West Main and Canal Streets, in downtown Merced.


Photo:  Pinocchio's is one of the few restaurants in Merced that offer two floors of dining.  Photo is looking down from the second floor into the main dining room, with the full-service bar to the right.


Photo:  Gino Pinocchio, owner of the restaurant, pays a visit to our table to chat with Bonnie and Greg.  Gino is a local, an excellent restaurateur, and a nice guy.  Bonnie and Greg stop by the restaurant nearly every week.


Photo:  We spent several hours enjoying beer on tap before ordering dinner, and we were pleased to be served by friendly Katelyn, who kept bringing pitchers of Blue Moon beer to our table.  This isn't your daddy's beer!


Photo:  We were served our pizza by friendly Lisa, who poses with it, as she brings it to our table.


Photo:  My sister Bonnie is a vegetarian, and although Greg and I aren't vegetarians, we can live happily without meat, so tonight, we ordered a vegetarian pizza for dinner.  Without a doubt, I can say Pinocchio's Restaurant serves the best pizza in Merced!


Photo:  Two slices of the best pizza in town.  We ordered vegetarian pizza with everything on it, including optional artichoke hearts.  The crust was light, thin, crispy, and cooked to perfection, and the toppings were fresh, juicy and delicious.  Sorry, I'm running out of adjectives!  The pizza tasted even better than it looks in the photo.


Photo:  Bonnie and Greg Wilson, along with your author and photographer, Eric Rench, enjoy a fun Saturday evening at Pinocchio's Restaurant, and toast the fine pizza with a couple of glasses of Blue Moon.  Folks, this is the good life!

Frankly, I can say that Pinocchio's Restaurant serves the best pizza in town!  Other amenities include a full-service bar, many exotic beers on tap, a pastry counter, big screen televisions, and comfortable seating.  No wonder Pinocchio's Restaurant has quickly become a favorite of the locals... Highly recommended!

Pinocchio's Restaurant
460 W. Main St.
Merced, CA 95340
209 580-4418

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