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Pizza and Old Town Clovis go together like pepperoni and cheese.  When you're exploring Old Town Clovis, and you're in the mood for one of best pizzas in town, look no further than Michelangelo's Pizzeria.

Photo:  Quite an imposing facade for a pizza restaurant!  Michelangelo's Pizzeria is located in Old Town Clovis, and features all of the quaint atmosphere that draws people, and pizza lovers to the area.

Photo:  If you're a sports fan, you'll be happy to wrap yourself around the bar, and indulge in the sporting event that is playing on the many television monitors.  On this Monday afternoon, June 30, 2014, the World Cup Soccer match was in progress with Germany playing Algeria.  My niece, Elizabeth and I aren't soccer fans, but it was fun to watch the enthusiasm of the game, and the bartender, Diego, jump up and down and shout with a resounding YES! when Germany scored a point.  Lizzie and I were content to sit at the bar and sip a couple of micro brews, as Michelangelo's Pizzeria offers a wide array of domestic, imported, and local micro brews.  Oh yes, they serve great pizza!

Photo:  My niece and I sat at the bar, drank beer, and chit-chatted with each other patrons, and friendly bartender Diego, before ordering "personal size" pizzas for lunch.  Diego poses, with the pizzas, before delivering them to us, at the bar.

Photo:  My niece, Elizabeth Habib and I pose at the bar, before devouring our pizzas.  Thanks, Diego, for taking the photo.  Lizzie chose to enjoy dark ale, micro brew - the name escapes me - and I enjoy to enjoy Mexican Modelo beer, which is one of my favorites.

Photo:  Elizabeth chose to order a "personal size" pizza, topped with pepperoni and olive slices.  At Michelangelo's Pizzeria, the price is a fixed $6.50, no matter how many toppings you choose, and you can have your pizza "your way," as they will top your pizza any way you choose.  Such a deal!!!

Photo:  I chose to be a tad more "creative" so I ordered my pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage, olives, onion and bell pepper slices.  This pizza was fabulous!  The crust was crunchy, yet chewy inside, just like a pizza should be, and the pie was not greasy!  The topping were fresh, and the whole package was delicious.  At $6.50, the pizza represents a great deal, and it makes for a delicious lunch.  I'd drive from Fresno to enjoy this pizza!

Combine fun, sports bar atmosphere, friendly staff and friendly patrons, amazing pizza, and very reasonable prices, and it all adds up to Michelangelo's Pizzeria, for an outstanding pizza experience in Old Town Clovis.

Michelangelo's Pizzeria
619 Woodworth Ave.
Clovis, CA 93619
559 322-1666

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