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If I whispered in your ear the name, Mangy Moose Cafe, what you think?  A forgotten outpost in Alaska?  A lowdown, ghetto restaurant?  Or perhaps, you'd just shrug it off...  Whatever you think, I can proudly say that if you're in the mood for an unbelievably delicious breakfast, look no further than Mangy Moose Cafe in Manteca.

Photo:  Mangy Moose Cafe is a small diner, located on busy Yosemite Avenue, just east of downtown Manteca. Parking on the street is limited, but there's plenty of parking in back, and a door that allows you to enter the restaurant by the "back door."  Note the small table and chairs which allows sidewalk dining, if you're brave, and have a rugged personality.

Photo:  Mangy Moose is open for breakfast and lunch only, and the restaurant is mostly breakfast, as it features a breakfast counter, open kitchen, and a tiny dining room to the rear of the restaurant, that only seats a few diners. Most of the seating is at the breakfast counter, where you can watch the staff prepare your meal in the open kitchen, and chit-chat with staff, and fellow diners.  Mangy Moose Cafe is my kind of restaurant!

On this mid Friday morning, November 06, 2015, Mangy Moose Cafe is busy, but not crowded with Manteca locals, who know where to head for a delicious breakfast.

Photo:  Decorations posted on the wall, near the cashier's station.  After checking out all these signs, you know the protocol of this fine restaurant.  I love the "YVR" license plate at the top of the photo... Does it not stand for "Yosemite Valley Railway?"  Ah, my local roots are showing...

Photo:  Restroom humor, as this sign is posted in the single restroom, which serves both women and men.  I took "aim," and everything worked.

Photo:  My wife, Sharlene and I sat at the single table at the front of the restaurant.  Here's the view of Yosemite Avenue that we enjoyed.  

Photo:  The open kitchen and the counter, and most of the restaurant is posted in this photo.  Mangy Moose is a very small, "mom and pop" diner, but serves outstanding food, and is packed with Manteca character.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Andrea, delivers our breakfast to out table.  Andrea was busy this morning, as she was the only server working the busy restaurant, and I felt bad that she had to negotiate around the u-shaped breakfast counter and kitchen to reach our table - the only table - at the front of the restaurant.  She is an excellent server, very outgoing, and very gracious.  By the way, the food is OUTSTANDING!!!

Photo:  Our friendly server, Andrea, snapped this photo of Sharlene and I, upon my request.  Sharlene enjoyed a more conventional breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs and home style potatoes, but I went "all the way" and enjoyed chorizo, eggs, potatoes, biscuits and gravy, as the next photo shows.  Simply delicious!!

Photo:  My breakfast wasn't on the menu, nor was it on the "special" board, but when Andrea told me that chorizo was an option, I jumped at it, and I could not resist.  I had planned on ordering linguica and eggs, which is on the menu, but my senses faded when chorizo was offered to me.  Unlike many restaurants, Mangy Moose will custom cook your breakfast to order, and I requested my chorizo cooked separate from the eggs, which most restaurants refuse to do.  Not Mangy Moose Cafe, as your food is prepared with "home style cooking" in mind, and is cooked to order.

My perfectly cooked breakfast of chorizo, two eggs over easy, home style potatoes - complete with onion and pepper - along with biscuits and gravy and a cup of in-house-made salsa verde.  

Mangy Moose Cafe is noted for their in-house-made salsa cruda, but on this visit, none was available.  Darn! I can say the salsa verde was amazing, and I went back for seconds.  Nothing better with breakfast than salsa, of any variety... Breakfast does not get any better than breakfast at Mangy Moose Cafe!

Such a fine dining experience at Mangy Moose Cafe!  This restaurant represents everything that I love in a restaurant, as it embraces good food, small-town atmosphere, friendly people, and is embraces all the good things that Manteca is know for.  If you're looking for a superior breakfast experience, visit Mangy Moose Cafe in Manteca.

Mangy Moose Cafe
506 E. Yosemite Ave.
Manteca, CA 95336
209 239-1958

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