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My late son, Matthew Rench loved life, music, and food, and when it came to food, his favorite "variety" of food was pizza.  Like Matthew, I love pizza, but I'm not as passionate about it as he was.  One day I asked him why pizza was his favorite food, and he told me, "because it has everything on it, you hold it in your hand, and you don't need a knife or a fork to enjoy it."  Well put... During my visits to Bakersfield, we'd driven by Magoo's Pizza Restaurant many times, but we just didn't get around to enjoying pizza together, at my son's favorite pizza restaurant.  So I suppose it was appropriate, after his untimely passing, to enjoy a family dinner at Magoo's Pizza Restaurant.


Photo:  Tuesday evening, February 28, 2012, during a visit to Bakersfield, we decided to visit Magoo's, both to enjoy a superior pizza and to celebrate the life of our late son, Matthew.


Photo:  The format is simple, as you walk in, place your order, pay for your meal, and when its ready, one of the staff members will bring your meal to you.  Our group is discussing what we wanted; ultimately we chose a extra-large Combination pizza and a large Pepperoni pizza.


Photo:  Magoo's is a pizza restaurant, so informality reigns supreme.  Dining is family-style, and there is a separate game room off the main dining room. There are big screen televisions in the dining room, and tonight, a basketball game was in progress.


Photo:  Robbin, Michelle and Sharlene wait for our pizzas to arrive.  Sharlene and I are huge fans of salad, and Magoo's has a well-equipped salad bar, so we each chose to order all-you-can-eat salads.  Our group chose Pepsi Cola as the beverage of choice, but I differed, as I ordered a pitcher of Heineken beer, which is one of my favorite beers.


Photo:  Magoo's has a well-equipped, but basic salad bar, and it's a serve yourself and all-you-can-eat affair, which is what I like.  Here's my salad of lettuce, red onions, cherry tomatoes, bacon bits and croutons, garnished with Ranch dressing.  I went back for another identical helping of this salad, as the ingredients were fresh, and delicious. Unlike many basic salad bars, Magoo's bowl of lettuce was free of water at the bottom of it, which is a good thing.  I also helped myself to the potato and macaroni salad as well.  At home, I normally pass on bacon bits, croutons and dressing, but tonight, I just couldn't help myself.


Photo:  Here comes our extra-large Combination pizza.  This 16" Combination pizza includes pepperoni, salami, Italian sausage, linguica, beef, mushrooms, black olives, greet peppers and onions.  This was truly one of the best pizzas that I've ever eaten.


Photo:  Matthew was right, in that Magoo's makes the best pizza in Bakersfield, and I can truly say that this was the best combination pizza that I've ever eaten.


Photo:  Robbin shows the camera that she knows exactly what to do with Magoo's delicious Combination pizza.


Photo:  Heaven set in front of you at the table.  My dinner of the first of several pieces of Combination pizza, a bowl of salad, and a pitcher of Heineken beer.  It doesn't get any better than this...

I can truly state that the combination pizza we enjoyed was probably the best pizza that I've ever eaten!  I certainly can understand, as a connoisseur of pizza, why my son favored Magoo's, as the pizza is simply amazing.  The people are nice too!  I agree with Matthew, that Magoo's Pizza Restaurant serves the best pizza in Bakersfield!

Magoo's Pizza Restaurants
5700 Stine Rd.
Bakersfield, CA 93313
661 834-2000

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