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Magnolia Saloon is located inside the historic Hotel Jeffery, in the Mariposa County town of Coulterville.  The hotel and saloon opened in 1851, so Magnolia Saloon claims to be the oldest continually operating saloon in California. I can't verify that claim, as there are a couple of other saloons that make that claim, but I can state that it's rustic, historic, the beer is cold, and the people are friendly.

Photo:  Magnolia Saloon is located inside the historic Hotel Jeffery, and has been in business since 1851.  They claim to be the oldest, continuously operating bar in California, and I have no reason to doubt them.  The town of Coulterville is one of the more interesting places to explore in the Mother Lode, and it's well worth a visit.  Not to mention the beer at Magnolia Saloon is cold, and the people are friendly...

Photo:  The full-service bar is to the left of the photo, and all the furnishings, including the wood floors, date back to 1851. I have to wonder about the computerized cash register/order system...  Note the "western" decor, including the mounted animal trophies on the walls.  Dollar bills are pinned to the ceiling!

Photo:  My friendly bartendress, Etna, pours me a pint of Budweiser beer.  At the time of this writing, the price of a pint was $3.50, but during "Happy Hour," during the late afternoon, the price drops a dollar to $2.50.  Whatever the price, the beer is cold, the people are friendly, and the antique atmosphere is priceless.

Photo:  Dollar bills are pinned to the ceiling!  On this Friday, January 10, 2014, "Mr. Ram" is still decked out for New Year.  Which brings a question to my mind... What N.F.L. football team is his favorite?  Perhaps his team hails from St. Louis?

Photo:  The full-service bar, and Etna getting me another beer.  The antique decor is priceless, complete with mounted trophies, period photos, and old rifles. It's all original, and it dates back to 1851, but everything has been maintained, refurbished, and complies with all modern standards.  In contrast, I love the modern touches, such as the computer system and the flat screen, high definition television monitor on the wall.  Magnolia Saloon is a great place to relax, take in the atmosphere, chat with friendly people, and enjoy a "cold one."

Photo:  Here I am, in all of my glory, enjoying a cold beer at Magnolia Saloon.  

Photo:  Late Sunday morning, June 29, 2014, bartender David tends a mostly empty bar.  Early in the afternoon, the bar filled up, with mostly bikers from the Modesto area.  No worries, as the bikers are a very friendly crowd, and I enjoyed spending the afternoon chit-chatting and drinking with them.

Photo:  Although this is a restaurant article, I spent the night at Hotel Jeffery, on the third-floor in room 16.  Nothing fancy, as I chose a room with a shared bath, but since I was the only guest on the third-floor, I had my choice of bathrooms, and could have wandered around the hall in my skivvies if I had chosen to do so.  The room is basic at best;  a queen bed, a nightstand, and a cross between a heater and a electric fireplace.  Electrical outlets are limited, and there is no air conditioning.  However, the bed was comfortable, the people friendly, the room was squeaky clean, and the atmosphere was priceless.  Not to mention, there is a lightning-fast Internet connection included with the room, which is interesting, considering the period nature of the establishment.

Photo:  Meet Princess, the mascot of the Magnolia Saloon, who, at this writing, is 23 years old, and still very active, and in excellent health.

Photo:  David, the friendly bartender, delivers my "Plain ole Burger." More on that later...  When you check into the hotel, you go to the bar, as Hotel Jeffery isn't your "joe normal" hotel.  David, the bartender, not only poured drinks, but served food, and acted as hotel check-in person.  Not pictured - why didn't I take a photo? - Hotel Jeffery offers a $1.75 margarita, which is as good as it gets.  David is also a firefighter, as you wear many hats in Coultervile, population of 125.  While I was drinking at the bar, he got a page and rushed out, peeled rubber in his truck, and headed west.  The cook took over tending bar.  About an hour later, David returned, and when I quizzed him, he said it was a false alarm.  Nonchalantly, he went back to tending bar and serving food.  Ah, you just have to love Coulterville!

Photo:  Early Sunday evening, June 29, 2014, I pose with my "Plain ole Burger" from Magolia Saloon's dinner menu.

Photo:  From the dinner menu, the "Plain ole Burger" is served in a basket, and comes with a generous portion of steak fries, which are absolutely DELICIOUS!  The burger is cooked to your taste, and includes a 1/3 pound patty, lettuce, tomatoes, pickle and onion.  At $7.75, it's not a bargain, but it's fantastic, and worth every penny of the price.  The beer, of course is extra, and I spent most of the afternoon enjoying the $2.00 Pabst, along with my many biker friends.

Photo:  The menu calls it a "Plain ole Burger," but I call it "Just Plain Delicious!"  Bartender David asked me if I wanted cheese, and what variety, and he added a slice of pepperjack cheese to my burger for no extra charge. What a nice touch!  Good Coulterville hospitality...

Magnolia Saloon is as antique and "western" as it gets in California.  In addition to a full-service bar, the restaurant offers a host of entrées for any taste.  Next time I'm in Coulterville, I'm going for a burger!

Magnolia Saloon
5001 Main St.
Coulterville, CA 95311
209 878-0461

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