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Country Cafe, in the small town of Lockeford, CA, is definitely a throwback to simpler times, as it features classic, "Americana" diner cuisine, in an old-school dining room.  You just have to fall in love with a restaurant the has painted on the wall the words, "God Bless America!"

Photo:  Country Cafe is a well-chosen name, as the restaurant is located in the small, San Joaquin Valley farming town of Lockeford, and the town itself is very "country," as it's surrounded by ranches, and even has it's own rodeo in the spring.  Note the "country" decor on the outside of the restaurant.  I absolutely love the GOD BLESS AMERICA painted along the wall, along with a rendition of our flag.  It doesn't get much better when you combine a country with a patriotic atmosphere.  Today's date is Thursday, November 6, 2013.

Photo:  As you walk into the restaurant, you're faced with the breakfast counter, and the window to the kitchen near the center of the photo.  The sign in the upper middle of the photo reads, "Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys."  Cool!  If you're a long-time fan of country music, you'll recall a song of that name was written and recorded by Ed Bruce, back in the mid-1970's.  The "right" dining room can be seen behind the staff member wearing red.

Photo:  The "right" dining room is a mixture of tables and booths, and is clean, spacious, and definitely a throwback to the 1960's.  Note the "country" decor, and if you'll look closely, you'll see some football, notably 49'ers as well.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Sonia, brings my "Lockeford Burger" to the table, as Sharlene admires it.  She's holding Sharlene's hamburger from the "Just Yer Burgers" section of the meal.  For her included side dish, Sharlene chose a garden salad, which is on the table in front of her.  Note the "old school" diner atmosphere of the restaurant.

Photo:  Sharlene and I, ready to enjoy a delicious lunch.  Thanks, Sonia, for snapping our photo.

Photo:  My "Lockeford Burger" arrived open-faced, to show off the beautiful presentation, and to, I assume, allow me to add condiments of my choice.  The "Lockeford Burger" starts with a 1/3 pound Certified Angus Beef patty and features bacon, avocado, mushrooms and cheese.  Garnishes include sliced dill pickle, white onion, tomato and lettuce.  Choices of sides include steak fries, soup, or salad.  Sharlene went the healthy route and choice a side salad, but I "went for it" and chose the steak fries.  Included were a couple of packages of mayonnaise for the burger, and Sonia brought mustard and catsup to the table.

Photo:  All dressed up, assembled, and ready to enjoy!  I added the two packages of mayonnaise to my burger, and topped it with mustard.  Catsup on the plate, to dip the fries in.  OK, this burger was delicious, as it was perfectly cooked to "medium," as per my request, tender, juicy and very messy.  The two slices of bacon were cooked perfectly, and I could actually taste the cheese and mushrooms, which really complimented the meat, and the rest of the ingredients. I went through many napkins while enjoying this burger!  Sharlene loved her burger too, and brought half of it home in a box to enjoy for dinner.  My "Lockeford Burger" kept me full all day, and as an aside, all I had for dinner was a tossed green salad.  Country Cafe makes delicious burgers!  

Combine delicious, diner-style cuisine, great service, large helpings, reasonable prices, and "old school," 1960's country diner atmosphere, and you have a winning combination.  Country Cafe, in Lockeford, is definitely a winner all the way!

Country Cafe
13410 E. Highway 88
Lockeford, CA 95237
209 727-5745

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