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Back in the mid-1970's, I was employed as a disk jockey at the country music radio station, KCEY, in Turlock, and I lived in Turlock.  On the rare weekend morning that I wasn't working, my girlfriend and I would enjoy breakfast at Latif's Restaurant, located on Golden State Blvd., as it was, even in those days, a Turlock icon, and the place to enjoy breakfast in Turlock.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Latif's Restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant, and a true Turlock icon, and has been in the same downtown location since 1960.  It's been owned by the Stevens family since the 1960's, and is the oldest family-owned restaurant in Turlock.

Photo:  Until Friday, September 29, 2017, I hadn't been inside Latif's since something like 1978, and as I walked in, I noticed that virtually NOTHING HAD CHANGED, and the restaurant was exactly the way I remembered it.  When the building was built, back in 1960, it was state-of-the-art and times have changed, but Latif's hasn't, as it's the same, wonderful diner that I remember.

Photo:  Just as I remembered, the wall near the cash register is decorated with photos of customers, with some of them signed.  I did notice the cash register had changed, as it's a late-1980's vintage electronic register.

Photo:  The first thing you notice are the large, twin U-shaped counters, which I remember as a common fixture in diners when I was a little kid.  One thing that HAD changed since I'd been here is that President George H.W. Bush and Mrs. Bush sat at the counter, back in 1988, as the last time I'd been in Latif's, Jimmy Carter was president. I sat at the seat next to Mr. Bush; it would have been nice to chit-chat with him, as we enjoyed a great breakfast.

Photo:  Here's the breakfast menu which offers something for every taste.  I think the only thing that has changed since my last visit are the prices.  I ordered two eggs, over easy, along with hash browns and a side of country gravy. I wasn't in the mood for coffee, so I just asked for a large glass of ice water.

Photo:  As my order was being prepared, I walked to the front of the restaurant to take a photo of the dining room, and the dual, U-shaped counters.  Same orange vinyl Upholstery as always, which was both welcome and nostalgic. I love "old school" diners!  Note the sign on the wall that advertises the restaurant still makes pies "to go," which has been a staple at the Stanislaus Country Fair for over five decades.

Photo:  Meet Require, my friendly server, who has worked at the restaurant for over 20 years.  Yo get a peek into the very large kitchen at the right of the photo.

Photo:  Thanks, Jacquie for snapping my photo, as I prepare to enjoy my delicious breakfast.  If you look over my right shoulder, you can see another dining room, which is separated from the main dining room by a cinderblock partition.  The furniture in the other dining room is upholstered with aqua colored vinyl.

Photo:  My wonderful breakfast of some of the best hash browns that I've every had, two perfectly cooked eggs, and a bowl of amazing country gravy.  I ordered our toast and for some reason it came late, so Jacquie "comped" me for it, by giving me the $2.75 bowl of gravy on the house.  That's fair!

The breakfast was fantastic, and just as I remembered it to be.  No wonder Latif's Restaurant has been a favorite of Turlock breakfast lovers for over 60 years...

Times have changed since I first enjoyed breakfast at Latif's RestaUrant back in 1974, but since then, little has changed at the restaurant.  The lunch counter, the brightly orange vinyl upholstery is still there, and so is the delicious food, the friendly service, and the great prices.  If you're in the mood to enjoy a great meal, at an "old school" diner, enjoy a meal at Latif's Restaurant, a Turlock icon.

Latif's Restaurant
111 N. Golden State Blvd.
Turlock, CA 95380
209 634-5351

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