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In Tijuana, Mexico, taquerias and grocery stores are often morphed into one establishment.  That's not often the case, north of the border, but La Casita, located in Merced has "morphed" into the perfect Tijuana-style taqueria and grocery store.  Oh yes, they offer great food!

Photo:  La Casita is located in a small building, and combines a taqueria with a small grocery store that specializes in a narrow, but extensive assortment of Mexican specialty spices, condiments, and canned food.  The picnic table, located outside of the restaurant, is the only seating, as most food is ordered take-out, or, "para llavar..."

Photo:  You walk in, and place your order from the menu, that's located above the counter, and you pay for it.  No tips are expected.  The prices are reasonable, even by Merced standards, and are "cheap" by standards anywhere in California, or anywhere in the United States.  My brother, Michael, places his order of three carne asada tacos, from the order counter gal.

Photo:  The counter gal, and the chef.  I was able to place an order of two fried eggs, refried beans and corn tortillas, which was not listed on the menu.  By the way, in Baja California, fried eggs, refried beans and corn tortillas are a staple of breakfast.  La Casita was happy to prepare my order that was not on the menu, and I love it!!!

Photo:  Three carne asada, "street tacos," with all of the trimmings, for a dollar each!  That's the price that you'd pay for these tacos in Mexico!  As in Mexico, each taco starts out with two corn tortillas, toasted on the griddle as to be pliable, piled high with carne asada, and garnished with onion, cilantro and salsa.  At $1.00 each, these tacos are a BARGAIN, as this is the same price that you'd expect to pay in Mexico, let alone Merced.  This was my brother's order, and he loved his tacos.

Photo:  I ordered the favorite Tijuana loncheria breakfast of refried beans, eggs over easy, and a stack of corn tortillas.  This offering wasn't on La Casita's menu, but they were happy to oblige me, and cook my "vegetarian" breakfast to my specification.  The breakfast was only $3.00, and I added a Jarritos fruit punch soda, but my breakfast was still well under $5.00, even after a minimal tip, which wasn't expected.  La Casita serves good food at Tijuana loncheria-style prices.  Great place!!!

La Casita offers a small, but extensive of Mexican spices, canned food, and other specialty Mexican groceries that you won't find anywhere else in town.  Combine the groceries with a taqueria, and, off-the-menu, made-to-order food... La Casita stands alone in Merced for the "niche" that it has carved.  Muy sabroso!

La Casita
770 West 14th St.
Merced, CA 95340
209 722-2187

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