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I was up and at 'em on Wednesday, May 31, 2013, as I'd just endured a very rainly night, camping at nearby Fence Creek Campground, in the Stanuslaus National Forest.  As usual, the first thing that entered my mind was BREAKFAST, and the restaurant at Kennedy Meadows Resort, located about 8 miles east of Fence Creek, serves a very fine breakfast.

Photo:  When I arrived at Kennedy Meadows Restaurant, on the chilly, rainy morning of Wednesday, May 29, 2013, I was the only customer in the restaurant.  Note the twin peaked roofs... the restaurant is to the right, and the general store is to the left.  Between, the store and the restaurant, there's a comfy lounge, that features a wood-stoked fire, roaring away in the fireplace, and lots of chairs where both employees and guests can sit down, relax, get warm, and engage in lots of chit-chat.

Photo:  Since Kennedy Meadows Restaurant is located at the 6500-foot level, in the high Sierras, it's appropriate that the dining room is rustic, and how more rustic can you get than pine paneling, pine floors and a mounted deer head on the wall?  The checked tablecloths also add a rustic flair...

Photo:  "Packer," to the left, and his buddy, warm up, near the fireplace, in the lounge that is sandwiched between the restaurant, and the store.

Photo:  I can't resist a kitchen shot, especially when the kitchen is "almost" open to plain view.  I basically stuck my head in the door, and snapped a photo, of the four staff members hard at work.  

Photo:  Sally, my friendly waitress, arrives with my delicious breakfast.  I had already been enjoying bottomless cups of delicious coffee, which was a treat after being rained on all night long at my camp at nearby Fence Creek. Later, as I topped Sonora Pass, the rain turned to snow, which definitely can happen in the Sierra Nevada mountains in late May.

Photo:  Here I sit, all alone in the dining room, about ready to enjoy a wonderful breakfast.

Photo:  I enjoyed a fantastic breakfast of two fried eggs, two sausage pattys, a large order of hash brown potatoes, and sourdough toast.  The food was cooked perfectly, there was lots of it, and the price, especially considering the isolated location of the restaurant, was very reasonable.  The warm fireplace and the rustic dining room made the food seem to taste even better!  Kennedy Meadows Restaurant offers outdoor dining on their large veranda, but on this 40-degree, rainy morning, outdoor dining didn't seem like a good idea to me.

Oh boy did the wood burning fireplace feel good on this rainy, chilly Wednesday morning!  Kennedy Meadows Restaurant features delicious, stick-to-your-ribs food, and lots of it, friendly staff, very reasonable prices, in a comfortable, rustic dining room.  Kennedy Meadows Restaurant is a great place to enjoy fine food in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains!

Kennedy Meadows Restaurant
Hwy 108
Kennedy Meadow, CA 95364
209 965-3900

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