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I make no bones about the fact that I love to eat breakfast at local, one-of-a-kind, small hole-in-the-wall diners, as the food is always good, and the experience is always unique.  Kitty's Kitchen, in Morro Bay, fits the description, as it's local, it's small, and they open their doors early for breakfast at 0600, and close after lunch, at 2 in the afternoon.  With a pedigree like that, you know Kitty's is dead serious about breakfast!

Photo:  Kitty's Kitchen is a small diner, located in downtown Morro Bay.  The gray door next to the restaurant opens to the patio, which is "dog friendly" due to the many locals in Morro Bay who like to dine with "man's best friend."

Photo:  View of the restaurant from the front door.  Yes, it's small, as it has a small breakfast counter, and a few small tables, and besides the patio, that's the dining room!  There is nothing that I love more than a small, unique, family-owned and operated diner such as Kitty's.  On this late Wednesday morning, October 14, 2015, the breakfast crowd has departed, and the lunch bunch hasn't yet arrived.  My wife, Sharlene, and I pretty much had the whole dining room to ourselves.  Good photo-taking opportunity!

Photo:  This is a portion of Kitty's breakfast menu.  The restaurant opens early at 6 in the morning, and closes at 2 in the afternoon.  As the menu states, breakfast is served all day, so you KNOW Kitty's is dead-serious about breakfast.  Under the "Eggs & ..." section of the menu, I went for the "Mashed Potato Cake and 2 eggs..."

Photo:  Kitty's features patio dining, adjacent to the main dining room.  It's dog-friendly, and heated during the many chilly, foggy mornings in Morro Bay, thanks to the propane heater.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Jason, brings Sharlene's breakfast to our table.  Jason was very friendly, helpful, a great waiter, and a nice person.  He mentioned that he's the grandson of the founder of the restaurant, and many of the dishes served by Kitty's are family recipes.  That works for me!

Photo:  Thanks Jason, for taking our photo, as Sharlene and I prepare to enjoy a delicious breakfast.  You can see some of the many happy diners on the patio, through the window, directly behind us.

Photo:  Today, I ordered a breakfast that I've never had before, "Mashed potato cake and two eggs."  I had never even heard of this, so as I was looking at the menu, I knew that I just HAD to go for this one.  Call me a vegetarian? OK, you get a cake of mashed potatoes with onions, fried on the griddle, to eggs any style - over easy for me - and your choice of toast, muffin or biscuit... sourdough toast for me.  I LOVE potatoes, so I absolutely loved this breakfast.  When I commented from our friendly server, Jason, that this was a "first" for me, he said it's an old family recipe, and a way to "recycle" mashed potatoes from the night before.  

Photo:  Sharlene pays the bill after a fine breakfast at Kitty's Kitchen.  Photo gives a good look into the compact kitchen, and the friendly chef - I didn't catch his name - can be seen just beyond Sharlene.  Great breakfast in downtown Morro Bay!

I can say that I absolutely ADORE Kitty's Kitchen, as they serve a delicious breakfast, they're owned and operated by the same family that founded the restaurant, and the staff is super friendly.  I love everything about Kitty's Kitchen, including their delicious breakfast.  Outstanding breakfast in Morro Bay!

Kitty's Kitchen
890 Main St.
Morro Bay, CA 93442
805 772-3677

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