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To me, there is nothing in the world like a good burger, and when I visit my son Matthew, who lives in Bakersfield, CA, and we're in the mood for a good... make that a superior burger, we pay a visit to the Oak Street location of John's Burgers - there are several locations in town, as John's Burgers is a small, Bakersfield chain of restaurants - and Matthew and I agree that John's produces the best burgers in Bakersfield.


Photo:  John's Burgers offers plenty of free parking and comfortable dining.  The only downside was as we left the restaurant, we were approached by a panhandler, but we quickly shooed him away.  Note that John's offers breakfast...


Photo:  The menu is posted over the counter, and it displays many varieties of burgers, as well as a good selection of breakfast items, such as hash browns, bacon and eggs.  After you've decided what you want, you place your order with the cashier, pay for your order, and then pick a seat and wait for your number to be called.  Note the self-serve, all-you-can-drink soft drink dispenser, which is the format that we prefer.


Photo:  The kitchen staff was a little surprised as I leaned over the counter and snapped this somewhat blurry photo, so I thought I might be pushing my luck a bit far if I attempted a second photo.  I'm a total fan of kitchen shots that show the staff in action.


Photo:  The author Eric Rench, my wife, Sharlene Rench, and my son Matthew Rench, with our order on the table. Matthew ordered a John's Burger with cheese, Sharlene ordered an Ortega Burger, and I ordered a Colossal Burger, upon Matthew's recommendation.  Between the three of us, we shared two orders of John's delicious fried zucchini. The burgers are both delicious and huge, and I was the only one able to finish my burger, so I helped Sharlene and Matthew, as I can't stand to see food left uneaten, and Bakersfield is a five-hour drive from our home in Roseville.


Photo:  Matthew proudly displays his John's Burger before he bites into it.  By the way, a John's Burger contains a half pound of meat, cheese, bacon, and whatever garnishes you want, in Matthew's case, it was diced onions and shredded lettuce.  At $3.95, this burger is a bargain!


Photo:  My Colossal Burger arrived on a large, sesame seed bun, with my choice of garnishes, including shredded lettuce, dices onions, sliced tomatoes and pickles, cheese, and a couple of slices of pastrami!  All of which was centered around a half-pound sirloin patty.  My choice of condiments were simply mustard and mayonnaise.  My burger is shown with a small portion of John's superior fried such.  The burger was simply delicious, and the fried such beats its peers offered by every fast food chain, at less cost.  If you want a superior burger, or fried such, you can't beat John's Burgers in any category, as they simply stand heads and shoulders above the competition.

John's Burgers not only produces the best burger in Bakersfield, but they offer their delicious burgers at an unbelievably low price, in fact the price of my Colossal Burger was much lower than the price of a flagship burger offered at national fast food burger chains.  John's Burgers combines fresh ingredients, a made-to-order burger, and a gigantic menu selection, all at rock-bottom prices.  When you're in Bakersfield, and you're in the mood for a superior burger, look no further than John's Burgers.

John's Burgers
1000 Oak Street
Bakersfield, CA 93304
661 324-8131

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