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My son Matthew, who is a almost three decade resident of Bakersfield, had been telling me about John's Burgers. But he gave me a caveat, as he said although there are three Jonn's Burgers in Bakersfield, and they share the same name, not all of them are created equal. In advance, I took his word and surfed the web, and for all of my efforts, I got many diverse opinions.  Matthew told me that John's serves the best burger in town, so what the heck? ... I had to check it out.  Caveot emptor:  We visited the location on River Blvd, in the Sagebrush Shopping Center.... there are a couple of other locations of John's Burgers in Bakersfield and every restaurant has received a differing review.   But I take Internet restaurant reviews with a grain of salt.  Basically, unless you burn my food or put too much salt on it, I'm happy and good to go with it.

Photo:  John's Burgers, on Sunday night, December 26, 2010... it's located in an ex-Taco Bell building, in the Sagebrush Shopping Center in Bakersfield.  

"Our" John's burger, more specifically, the location we visited - located near to by Matthew's place -  is located in a typical suburban, 1970'S vintage shopping center, a.k.a. Strip mall,, inside an ex-Taco Bell building.  Yeah, there's lots of graffiti, gang wannabees hanging around, other misfit. and plenty of asphalt in the parking lot - and lots of character.  You walk in to the restaurant, and... Surprise... the menu is posted above the order counter, and it's colorful!  John's specializes in burgers, but they have lots of other offerings, such as sandwiches, combination plates, and a decent variety of taco, and other Mexican assortments. .  They also are open for breakfast ... that's  for another review.

Photo:  After we ordered our burgers, Matthew was proud to point out John's specials.  The menu is posted over the order counter, and it's brightly lighted... as Matthew is trying to point out.

Photo:  Our delicious burgers are being created, not cooked, on John's griddle.

Photo:  John, the proud burger man, as some of his delicious burgers are being cooked on the griddle to the right. John's Burgers serves delicious burgers... maybe the best burgers in Bakersfield... or anywhere...

Since I'd never had the pleasure of visiting John's, I asked Matthew what to order, and he happily replied a "bacon cheeseburger with everything."  OK, Master, what's on your plate?  He ordered a FOUR PATTY burger ... which consists of ONE POUND of meat!!!... a carnivore special... agree... Dude!!!!  I wish I could do that!!!  I wish I was thirty again, as if I was thirty, I could have eaten it!!  Matthew suggested that we order one order of fried zucchini between the two of us, as he said it would take care of both of us.  In addition to fried zucchini, John's Burgers offers as sides, fries, onion rings, and chili covered fries.  

Photo:  Matthew strikes a pose of dedication as he's ready to tackle his one-pound burger, with all of the trimmings. Look in his eyes... he's dedicated!

Photo:  Matthew shows he's a true carnivore, as he takes a huge bite out of his one pound burger.

Photo:  I'm a bit more modest as I only ordered a quarter pound cheese burger with cheese and bacon, and everything else - Matthew and I split an order of fried zucchini.  John's Burgers fries zucchini like mama used to make it... it's good, and there's lots of it!  

As our burgers were being cooked before our eyes, I took a couple of photos, but my photo taking seemed to make the owner, John, a bit uncomfortable.  Matthew introduced John to me, and told him about my "method of operation," e.g. dining at a restaurant, taking photos, and publishing my dining experience on the web site. Afterwards, John seemed to be "cool" with my endless photos and questions and even allowed me to take his photo...

We ordered our burgers to go.  Back at Matthew's place, it was time to open the burgers, the fried zucchini and pig out.  Matthew's long time girlfriend, Dolores took photos of Matthew and I doing the things we do best:  Pigging out and enjoy delicious burgers.

Photo:  Father and son chow down for John's Burgers... dad on the left, with his wimpy quarter pound bacon cheeseburger, and meat-eater son, Matthew, on the right, enjoying his one pound burger.  Yes, he at it all, without any issues.

Matthew had been raving about John's Burgers for, literally, years... I had resisted the urge to visit John's, despite the fact that I crave a delicious burger.  OK, I've been to John's ... I can tell you that John's make a "mean" burger... a burger as good as it gets... perhaps the best burger in Bakersfield.  Using words like "best," and its's cousins can get you in trouble.  All I know is that Matthew's recommendation was right on the mark, and that John's Burgers serves the best burger that I've ever enjoyed - as of yet -  in Bakersfield, and maybe one of the best burgers I've eaten, anywhere...

John's Burger
2637 River Blvd
Bakersfield, CA 93306
661 873-8036

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