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History and fine dining come alive and combine together at the Jamestown Hotel Restaurant, located in quaint downtown Jamestown, CA.  The original hotel dates back to the 1850's, but a couple of fires have taken their toll, and the current building was constructed in 1919 and known as the "Spanish Hotel."  No worries, as when you're in the mood for a fine meal, any day of the week, make your way over to Jamestown Hotel Restaurant.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Jamestown Hotel Restaurant is located inside the historic Jamestown Hotel, located in downtown Jamestown, CA.  This location has been occupied by a hotel since the early 1850's, although the original building, and a later version were destroyed by fires.  The current building has been standing since 1919, and back in the day was known as the "Spanish Hotel."

The beautiful patio is attached to the south side of the hotel, and is the structure shown on the right side of the photo.  I sat in the middle of the section facing Main Street, which makes for some very interesting people watching, as you enjoy your fabulous meal.

Photo:  On this early Sunday morning, September 08, 2019, shortly after the 0700 opening time, the main dining room is empty  Note the post-Victorian era elegance, and the old school decor and furnishings.

Photo:  Today's server, Cherie, serves a customer in the dining room where the bar is located.  Customers can choose to dine in either dining room, at the bar, on the patio, or even on the second story balcony.  Since today was a beautiful late-summer morning, I chose to dine on the lovely patio.

Photo:  The patio is clean, spacious and makes the perfect place to enjoy a fine meal outdoors, if that's to your liking.  On this early Sunday morning, I had the entire patio to myself, but Cherie assured me that if I had arrived a couple hours later that I would have enjoyed plenty of company.

Photo:  My friendly server, Cherie, kept my coffee cup full of delicious coffee.  If you look over her arm, you'll get a glimpse of Main Street, which is very quiet on this early Sunday morning.  Between serving me, and the handful of other breakfast customers, Cherie was very busy getting ready for later in the day, as the restaurant really gets busy on Sunday, especially after church.

Photo:  The breakfast menu features everything a breakfast lover could hope for, and has all bases covered.  Since today was my first visit to this fine restaurant, I decided to start at the top of the breakfast menu and order the "Jamestown Hotel Breakfast," along with an optional side of gravy.  

This fine restaurant is serious about breakfast, as breakfast is served until 11 on weekdays, and until 2 in the afternoon on weekends.

Photo:  My seat at the counter, with a great view of Main Street.  The patio at Jamestown Hotel Restaurant is a great place to relax, enjoy a fine meal, and catch up on your people watching.

Photo:  Meet Cherie S., my friendly server, who gave me great service, and kept my coffee cup full of delicious coffee.  During my visit, she and I chatted about many things, including food, area history, and the historic Railtown 1897 located just up the hill from the restaurant.  She let me know the railroad was going to be running two steam engines today, as a doubleheader special, so that sealed my plans for the rest of the day.  Thanks for letting me know...

Photo:  Cherie snapped my photo, as I happily relax on the beautiful patio, on a bench overlooking Main Street in beautiful downtown Jamestown.  Main Street is very quiet on this early Sunday morning, but it comes to life later in the day, especially when steam trains are running.

Photo:  From "The Classics" section of the breakfast menu, I chose the "Jamestown Hotel Breakfast," along with an option side of some of the best breakfast gravy to be found in Tuloumne County.  The menu describes the breakfast as, "Two eggs, any style, choice of sausage links, patties, applewood smoked bacon or ham, hash browns or country potatoes, and choice of toast or biscuit.  I describe the breakfast as delicious, and the bottle of Cholula hot sauce enhances the already awesome breakfast.

Normally I choose sausage, but on this Sunday morning, ham sounded great, and I'm glad I made ham as my choice, as it was cooked perfectly.  The slice of ham was probably around a quarter pound or so, and it was grilled perfectly, and even sported grill marks.  It was soft, tender, and simply delicious.  I ordered my two eggs fried over easy - which is my de facto standard style - and they arrived perfectly cooked, over easy, just the way I ordered them.  It's always a heart-wrenching decision whether to order hash browns or country potatoes, but today I went with country potatoes, and my decision was correct, as the potatoes were delicious!  They were fried golden brown on the outside, chewy tender on the inside, and not a bit salty or greasy, which sometimes happens at lesser quality restaurants. Toast was standard buttered sourdough, which was delicious, but there was only one piece of bread, which seemed a bit on the shy side.

The optional side of gravy was absolutely wonderful!  When you visit Jamestown Hotel Restaurant for breakfast, I have a suggestion:  GO FOR THE GRAVY!!!  The sausage gravy is fantastic, as it's thick, flavorful, and has lots of chunks of sausage in it.  I dipped my county potatoes in it, which really made for a winning combination, and cleaned up the last little bit with a piece of toast.  Order a side of gravy, and you'll be thanking yourself for he rest of the day.

Photo:  I never can resist admiring steam engines in action, and today was my lucky day, as Railtown 1897 was running a steam train doubleheader, using engines #3 and #28.  Thanks to yesterday's "National Narrow Gauge Convention," in Sacramento, Railtown 1897 ran the two steam engines, and invited convention attendees to visit, which many of them were only too happy to oblige.

My breakfast was simply delicious, my server, Cherie treated me well, and the patio dining was fabulous, as the outdoor atmosphere and the view of historic downtown Jamestown enhanced my delicious breakfast.  Step back in time and enjoy a delicious meal at Jamestown Hotel Restaurant, located in historic Jamestown, CA.

Jamestown Hotel Restaurant
18153 Main St.
Jamestown, CA 95327
209 984-3902

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