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Located in the historic town of Columbia, Jack Douglass Saloon is about as western as it gets!

Photo: Columbia, Ca, almost became the state capitol, but now it's a historic, state park.  Jack Douglass Saloon is located on historic Main Street, in Columbia.

Photo:  That's "me" taking the flash photo.  If you're a fan of sarsaparilla, Jack Douglass is your place.

Photo:  It's "western," and it's "country," as almost any good ol' boy would agree.  Great western atmosphere!

Photo:  Friendly barkeep, Sarah, pours out sarsaparilla from the tap.

Photo:  Sharlene and I share a gigantic mug of sarsaparilla.  Jack Douglass Saloon is a "keeper" in Columbia!

Belly up to the bar, enjoy "real" beer, root beer, or sarsaparilla, this restaurant is real, it's fun, and the place offers authentic western atmosphere.

Jack Douglass Saloon
22718 Main St.
Columbia, CA 95310
209 533-4176

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