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Like the name of the restaurant states, It Is What It Is Diner, is a small diner, located on the north side of Lodi, near the airport, which caters to mostly truckers and travelers on busy California State Highway 99. The diner "is" tiny, modest, and it lives up to it's name, it "is what it is," but what it lacks in size, it makes up in personality, good food, good service, and very reasonable prices.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  The time is 10:30 in the morning on Wednesday, August 02, 2017, and I'm parked at Is What It Is Diner with one HUGE question in mind:  Do I want breakfast or lunch?  Breakfast won out.  This tiny diner,  located off Jahant Road, from busy California State Highway 99, north of Lodi, is open early for breakfast, stays open for lunch, closes, and then rep-opens a few hours later for an early dinner.  Business is mostly from the nearby highway, which draws truckers, law enforcement, fifth wheelers, breakfast gurus, and lovers of small diners, such as me.

If you care to enjoy dining outdoors, the restaurant offers a order/pick-up window, and a couple of questionable patios, for your outdoor dining pleasure.

In previous years, this fine restaurant was known as Woodlon Diner, but since the recent management change, it's now It Is What It Is Diner.

Photo:  My portrait is reflected in the glass door of the restaurant, with the local truck stop in the background, as I ponder why today's predicted 106 high temperature will result in closing the restaurant for early dinner tonight. During my breakfast, I asked my server, Helen about this, and she said they had suffered a "kitchen malfunction," but did not elaborate, and I didn't press the matter further.

Photo:  This is the small, clean and tidy dining room, as you walk in the door.  The dining room had a couple of booths seated as I walked in, but as I seated myself, the other diners finished, and left.  I guess they didn't like my company, and perhaps I scared them away.

Photo:  I seated myself at the first booth as I entered the door.  As I looked to my right, into the mostly open kitchen, I not only got to see the kitchen, but lots of local posters and other memorabilia.

Photo:  The breakfast menu is compact, but features everything a breakfast lover in the Lodi area could desire. Well, almost everything, as it looks like vegetarians and vegans are left out.  That being said, I wonder how many truckers are vegetarians?  Vegetarian-friendly choices are lacking, but the prices are great.

Photo:  The diner is located next to a truck stop, and the patio affords a great view of trucks in action.  The couple driving the "Pete" in the middle of the photo ordered lunch from the "to go" window, as they were fueling their rig.

Photo:  If you're a trucker in a hurry, you can order from the "Take Out Window" - phone calls accepted - and if you're a lover of the great outdoors, especially on a late August morning with a temperature well into the 90's, you can enjoy dinner on the patio.  Be careful of the table with the "v-shaped" bench, in the center of the photo.

Photo:  The diner doesn't exactly sport an "open kitchen," but you can peek into the kitchen, as you enter the restaurant, and watch the staff in action, without intruding.  On this late Wednesday morning, there were two staff members running the restaurant.  Helen, who did serving duties, on the left, and chef Dennis, on the right.  Because there were only two staff members, they kept very busy, not only taking care of walk-in customers - like me - but there also seemed to be a stead stream of phone calls, and call-in orders.

Photo:  Helen delivered my breakfast so quickly, that I didn't even have the opportunity to snap her photo, but she graciously was able to take mine, as I pose with my great breakfast.  I wasn't in the mood for coffee today, so I chose a glass of ice water, which is definitely one of my favorite beverages.

Photo:  My $5.15 breakfast of hash brown potatoes, two eggs over easy, along with an order of sourdough toast.  My breakfast was delicious, and cooked to perfection.  For the price, it is, what it is, and since that's what it is, you can't beat this breakfast at this delicious price.

If you enjoy delicious food, friendly service, and good Central Valley cooking, It Is What It Is Diner should be a stop as you travel busy Highway 99.  Trust Lodi locals, fifth wheelers, truckers, and pilots from the nearby Lodi airport to recommend this small diner for those who enjoy a great meal, at a great Lodi price!

It Is What It Is Diner
24335 North Highway 99
Acampo, CA 95220
209 334-2233

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