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Hope Valley Café and Market is a gem of a restaurant, along with the small general store inside the restaurant building. The café is located on on California Highway 88, east of Carson Pass, in some of the best hunting and fishing country the Sierra Nevada Mountain range has to offer.  Oh yes, the food and service are only exceeded by the breathtaking mountain scenery...

Photo:  I love rustic buildings, and beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain scenery!  Hope Valley Café is located in a very rustic buildings, just a couple miles east of the intersection of California Highways 89 and 88.  It's Tuesday, September 22, 2015, and I'm in the mood for a delicious breakfast.

Photo:  The general store is located at the west end of the building, and features beer - of course - soft drinks, ice, canned food, and many supplies to keep campers happy.  The center of the restaurant/store is lined with tables, for dining comfort.

Photo:  The centerpiece of the restaurant/general store features a wood-burning stove, and lots of comfortable seating, to keep customers and staff warm on cold Sierra Nevada mountain days.  Despite the incredible amount of snow that falls during the winter, Hope Valley Café is open every day, thanks to the fact that CalTrans plows the highway often, and keeps it mostly free of snow.  The restaurant is located in the rear of the photo.  I love the cozy interior!

Photo:  The menu is short, sweet, to the point, and posted on the wall.  After scanning the menu, I chose the Chorizo Huevos Rancheros breakfast... when chorizo is offered, how could I choose anything else for breakfast?

Photo:  The restaurant is centered around a bar, that includes cappuccino and espresso coffee.  My server, Mattie, refills the coffee, while you can get a glimpse into the kitchen and see Pasha at work, cooking my breakfast.

Photo:  I snap Mattie's photo, as she works on keeping the coffee pots full.  There are several television screens that show local news programs, so you can keep up on what's happening as you enjoy your coffee and your breakfast at Hope Valley Café.  Despite the "deer in headlights" look on Mattie's face, she was an outstanding hostess, who was happy to chat with me, and keep my coffee cup full.  She found herself with some extra cappuccino, so she gave me a cup of it, at no charge.  Thanks!

Photo:  Meet Pasha Golovin, my friendly chef, who not only cooked my breakfast, but delivered it to me, as I sat at the bar.  Great photo!  Later during my visit, I met the owner of the restaurant, Leesa Lopazanski, who requested I email a copy of this photo to her.  No problem, as I enjoyed the visit, and the food at Hope Valley Café.

Photo:  The menu offered several choices but what caught my eye was Chorizo Huevos Rancheros, as there is nothing about chorizo, or huevos rancheros that I don't LOVE!  This breakfast was truly delicious, and kept me full and happy for the rest of the day.

Photo:  Thanks, Pasha, for taking my photo, as I relax at the bar, with my wonderful breakfast of Chorizo Huevos Rancheros.

I can truly say that I enjoyed my breakfast at Hope Valley Café and Market, as the food was delicious, the staff was super friendly, and the rustic dining room, and small general store was wonderful.  You don't have to be a camper, a hunter, or a fisherman to love this fine restaurant, as all you have to be is a "foodie," like I am.

Hope Valley Café and Market
14655 Hwy 88
Hope Valley, CA 96120
530 694-2323

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