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Morro Bay, California... Morro Rock?  The ocean?  The bay?  Or, just strolling along the embarcadero, enjoying the intoxicating atmosphere of the smells of the bay, the ocean, and of course, fried fish.  When you're in Morro Bay and it's time for lunch or dinner, head to Giovanni's Fish Market, for delicious fried fish.

Photo:  It's a sunny and warm late Wednesday morning - the temperature was in the upper 70's - October 15, 2014, and we're waiting for Giovanni's Fish Market to open for an early lunch.  The market opens daily at 1100.  Today, we skipped breakfast, in order to enjoy an early lunch at Giovanni's.

Photo:  Inside, the market has a complete selection of locally-caught fresh fish, and live lobsters in the tank to the right of the photo.  They also sell many condiments and souvineers, and they will your order to anywhere in the U.S.A..

Photo:  You make your selection from the order board, place your order at the window, and pay for it at the window. The shaded patio is to the right, overlooking the bay, which serves as the "dining room."   We were in the mood for fish and chips, so we ordered the "Fish and Chips" (5-Pcs.) from the menu for $10.95, and for an extra $2.00, we ordered an extra piece of fish, so each of us would get three pieces of fish.  You know you're in Morro Bay, as you can see Morro Rock in the background of the photo.

Photo:  The patio is shaded, and offers lots of eating.  The pick-up window is at the extreme right of the photo.  After paying for your order, you take a seat and wait for your number to be called.  At this early hour, the restaurant wasn't busy, and our order was ready in about 10 minutes.  I'm told during busy times, the line at the order counter can stretch down the block, and you have to wait nearly an hour for your meal.  Today was a bright, sunny day, and an absolutely perfect day to dine outdoor on the patio.

Photo:  After our number was called, I asked the counter guy if I could take his photo, and he agreed.  Thanks!

Photo:  Ever the tourist, I asked the counter guy to take my photo.  Check out the view of the harbor, and beautiful Morro Rock in the background.

Photo:  This sign pretty says it all, as there are several squads of hungry seagulls waiting to steal your food. Management has installed bird nets overhead, which today, kept the seagulls at bay.  However, the patio deck was home to a few hungry pigeons, pecking around, and looking for scraps.  There are signs advising not to feed the birds, which would be a bit anti-social in this environment.  Ever the bird lover, I resisted the urge to throw a fry or two on the deck, to feed a hungry pigeon or two.

Photo:  Our lunch of "Fish and Chips," (5 Pcs.) along with an extra piece of fish.  The lunch, along with the extra piece of fish and a couple of medium Pepsi's set up back almost $20.00.  This fish was delicious, and cooked perfectly, but each piece was quite small - maybe a couple of ounces each - and... where are the fries?  Ah, they're hiding under the fish.  The fries were fried golden brown, and delicious, but a bit on the salty side for my taste. This lunch was delicious, and offered a delightful "taste" of Morro Bay, but it definitely wasn't a bargain.

This wasn't our first visit to Giovanni's Fish Market, as we visited previously back in 2004.  Click on this link to read the article of our past visit.

Giovanni's Fish Market has been a part of Morro Bay for over 25 years, and if you're interested in delicious fried fish, visit Giovanni's the next time you're in beautiful Morro Bay.

Giovanni's Fish Market
1001 Front St.
Morro Bay, CA 93422
805 772-2123

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