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Did you know there are two resort areas in the Sierra Nevada mountains of central California that are named Kennedy Meadows?  Both have a lot in common, including spectacular scenery, hunting, fishing, rustic lodging, and... a good restaurant. What's even more interesting, is that each "Kennedy" is located in a county that begins with the letter "T," Tuolumne and Tulare.  I've enjoyed meals at both "Kennedies," but this review is all about Grumpy Bears Retreat, located at Kennedy Meadows, in Tulare County.

As with all of my reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Grumpy Bears Retreat is located high in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, east of the city of Tulare. Grumpy Bear is a long ways from any town of any size, as the nearest town is Olancha, population of around 100 people, and it's over an hour drive.  Kennedy Meadows is a private in-holding in the Sequoia National Forest.

Photo:  Kennedy Meadows is a rustic community, where horses have the right of way over cars.  No kidding!  The Pacific Crest Hiking Trail passes next to Grumpy Bears Retreat, so the restaurant sees many hikers during the summer hiking season.  Area activities include hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, camping, four wheeling, and just about any outdoor activity that you can imagine.

Photo:  Grumpy Bears Retreat.  There is a sign posted that no alcohol is allowed outside of the building, as management has had issues with hikers coming off the trail and getting wasted in the parking lot.  Today is Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, 2017, mid afternoon, and I'm ready to enjoy a burger!

Photo:  As you walk in, the kitchen, with posted menu is straight ahead, and the bar is to the right.  To the left is a small dining room, along with a pinball machine and a pool table.  In keeping with the nature of Kennedy Meadows, the restaurant decor is rustic, to say the least.

Photo:  Beer is the beverage of choice at Grumpy Bears Retreat - they also serve wine - and this sign says it all. Besides beer, hunting and fishing are very popular activities.

Photo:  I love the "decorations" behind the bar, including the many bottles of Tabasco sauce.  The saw in the middle says it all.  Note the early 1970's vintage AM/FM stereo receiver in the upper left of the photo, and the "creative" electrical work in the lower right hand corner.  It's all good, and it adds to the atmosphere.

Photo:  The menu is posted next to the kitchen, and it short and sweet.  Note they have a few vegetarian options, which I found quite interesting, considering the rustic nature of the restaurant, and Kennedy Meadows in general.

Photo:  Looking out one of the windows, next to the bar, into the parking lot.  On this Memorial Day afternoon, there were only a handful of customers, and all of whom were locals.

Photo:  I check out the open kitchen, where the smiling chef is putting on the finishes touches to my hamburger and fries.

Photo:  During my visit to Grumpy Bear Retreat, I enjoyed sitting at the bar, sipping a cold beer, and chatting with the locals.  Predictably, the favorite topics of conversation were fishing, hunting and football.

Photo:  My cheeseburger and fries arrive with a smile, as my friendly server gives Grumpy Bears a "thumbs up."

Photo:  I'm all smiles as I sip my beer and prepare to enjoy a delicious burger and fries.  Note the receipts pinned to the holder, a la 1967, rather than 2017.  There is nothing "high tech" about this restaurant, but that's the way I like it!

Photo:  My cheeseburger and fries.  The juicy meat patty was sandwiched between two fresh buns, and the cheese was melted perfectly.  Garnishes included lettuce, onion and pickle slices, as they were out of tomatoes.  You add your own ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard from the squeeze bottles on the bar.  If you want, you can add Tabasco sauce, or several varieties of picante sauce.

This burger was delicious, and really hit the spot.  Ditto with the fries!  Considering the very remote location, the quality of the food, along with the super friendly service and the rustic atmosphere, $9.95 for a cheeseburger and fries is a good price, and a good value.  If you throw in the "fun" factor, it makes the burger taste even better!

After a hard day backpacking, hunting, fishing, exploring, or just enjoying the beautify of the Sequoia National Forest, Grumpy Bears Retreat is a great place to enjoy a burger, a beer, and good conversation with Kennedy Meadows locals.  You'll love this fine restaurant!

Grumpy Bears Retreat
98887 Kennedy Meadows Rd.
Inyokern, CA 93527
559 850-2327

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