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Foothills Cafe is a wonderful, "old-school" American diner, that dishes out Americana "comfort food," just like your grandmother used to make, and is open for breakfast and lunch.  This fine restaurant is located at the west end of Sonora, CA, directly across the street from the Tuolumne County fairgrounds.  Such a fine restaurant to enjoy a great breakfast!

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's just a little past 7 in the morning, Tuesday, July 02, 2019, and I've arrived at Foothills Cafe, in Sonora, to enjoy a delicious breakfast.  The "open" sign is lit, the sun it up, and I'm ready for breakfast.

Foothills Cafe is located directly across the street from the Tuolumne County Fairgrounds, at the west end of town.

Photo:  A "Specials" board is located just outside the restaurant, with the daily specials.  I must admit that I was tempted by the "Chili Verde Omelet," but I decided to look over the menu, before committing myself.

Photo:  It's 0715 in the morning, and I'm the first customer of the day, which gives me many opportunities to snap photos, and chit chat with the staff.  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice a counter, without chairs, and the semi-open kitchen.  The restaurant is very "old school," and reminds me of diners I used to enjoy back in my younger days.

Photo:  One page of the extensive breakfast menu.  Foothills Cafe is serious about great food, as anything listed on the menu is available any time the restaurant is open.  I nearly flipped the menu over to look at the burger section, but I went with "One Sausage Linguica, Two Eggs, and Your Choice of Side."  Simply said, "Linguica and Eggs..."

Photo:  After my friendly server Violet took my order, she placed it on an "old school" order wheel, to relay my breakfast to the talented chef in the kitchen.  There aren't any computers found in this fine restaurant!

Photo:  When was the last time you saw a triangle dinner bell in a restaurant?  Yes... Foothills Cafe has one, mounted on the wall.

Photo:  The restaurant features a massive line-up of just about every "grocery store" variety of hot sauce available in Tuolumne County!  You just grab your choice, take it to your table and enjoy...  I was overjoyed to see Cholula in the group, so I picked up a bottle for my table.

Photo:  My friendly server, Violet, checks on my order.  When my order was ready, the chef placed it on the shelf at the kitchen window, and Violet cheerfully brought it to my table.

Note the attractive, "old school" decor of the dining room, which is very clean, comfortable, and a great place to enjoy a wonderful meal.

Photo:  Meet Violet, my friendly server as she brings breakfast to my table.  Such a great hostess, as she and I talked food - she is definitely a "foodie," -  as she knows the local, Sonora dining scene, and has worked in the restaurant business for a number of years.  She and I talked about local restaurants, my web site, and the "Gold Country Dining" group on Facebook.  I enjoyed her company and her fine service.

Photo:  Thanks, Violet, for snapping my photo as I prepare to enjoy my delicious breakfast.

Photo:  From the "Breakfast Classics" section of the menu, I went with linguica and eggs, which is one of my favorite breakfasts.  Naturally, you get your eggs cooked any style, your choice of hash brown or country potatoes, and your choice of toast.  Yesterday I enjoyed country potatoes, so today I went with hash browns, and sourdough toast, which is my de facto standard, when it comes to toast.

The large linguica sausage was split open and grilled to perfection on both sides, sporting faint grill marks.  The sausage was placed on top of a MOUNTAIN of perfectly cooked hash brown potatoes, with the perfect mix between golden brown, and lesser crispy pieces.  I ordered eggs over easy, and one was cooked perfectly, the other one was a little on the "harder" side, but I'm not a picky diner, so it worked for me.  The sourdough toast was hot, with lots of real, melted butter.  Today was not a "coffee day" for me, so I opted for a glass of ice water, which was on the house.

Such a delicious breakfast!  Outside of the fact that one egg was a little on the "hard side," this breakfast was amazing!  The sausage was tender, mildly spicy, and just "pure linguica," any way you looked at it.  The large order of hash brown potatoes had the perfect mix of everything, and the toast was fresh, buttery and wonderful.  This was a great breakfast!

The food is delicious, the dining room is pure "Americana," the portions are HUGE, the price is reasonable, and the staff is super friendly.  I LOVE Foothills Cafe, located in Sonora, CA.

Foothills Cafe
636 W. Stockton St.
Sonora, CA 95370
209 694-7088

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