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My son and I were in town visiting my sister and her husband, and the subject of breakfast came up, and she suggested that we visit Florencio's Mexican Restaurant, as she knows how much I love Mexican food and breakfast, and Florencio's in only a few blocks from their house.  I'm always willing to go to a new Mexican restaurant, so we headed over Florencio's to enjoy a late breakfast.

Photo:  Florencio's Mexican Restaurant is located in a almost new, attractive strip mall, and offers both inside and patio dining.  We chose to dine outside, as it was a beautiful day.

Photo:  The inside dining room is attractively decorated and very comfortable.  

Photo:  Our waiter places our order of fajitas on the table.  The weather on this late Sunday morning, August 14, 2011 was sunny, with a temperature in the upper 70's, which was ideal for outside dining.

Photo:  Greg ordered ranchero chicken, rice, beans, guacamole and corn tortillas.  Unlike most other Mexican restaurants who only serve refried beans, Florencio's offers cowboy style pinto beans, which remind me of some of the many pinto beans I've enjoyed during my travels to Tijuana.

Photo:  My sister Bonnie is a vegetarian, so I suggested she order scrambled eggs with nopales, rice, beans and tortillas, which she really enjoyed.  Florencio's offers complimentary chips and salsa, and when one bowl is finished, they bring another one.  The mostly-eaten plate of food is an order of nachos that we enjoyed as an appetizer.

Photo:  Florencio's menu offers a wide selection of Mexican food, including several breakfast choices.  On weekends, they serve pozole and menudo, which made it tough for me to order, as menudo is one of my favorite breakfast choices.  Matthew pointed out that the menu offers a "Fajitas for Two," so we decided to "Go for it!!!"  and up the ante by ordering shrimp fajitas.  We were served the meal family style, along with an individual order of corn tortillas and a bare plate.  Florencio's gives you a lot of food for your money... Matthew and I are both big eaters and we couldn't finish it all, so I brought the leftovers home in a box and enjoyed them for dinner the next night.  The food tastes as good as it looks in the photo.

Photo:  Our dining party, from left to right:  Matthew Rench, Bonnie Wilson, Greg Wilson and Eric Rench.  Note the attractive food, and the clean, comfortable patio dining.  I'm drinking coffee, as I had to drive the 150 miles north to Roseville, and an icy glass of Pacifico would have really hit the spot!

Florencio's Mexican Restaurant is fairly new to the Merced dining scene, but by all accounts, they've taken the town by storm, as they offer a Mexican dining experience that differs from other restaurants in the same genre. Florencio's features cuisine from Northern Mexico, which is the predominant Mexican cuisine that you'll fine in California, and they offer attractive food at good prices, in a very elegant atmosphere.  I'm glad my sister suggested we enjoy breakfast at Florencio's, as the food was delicious, the service great, the prices were very reasonable, and Matthew and I were served to much food that we couldn't eat it all!  I took the remainder home in a box and enjoyed it for dinner the next day.  Florencio's Mexican Restaurant is highly recommended by this dining critic.

Florencio's Mexican Restaurant
731 E. Yosemite Ave. #D
Merced, CA 95340
209 723-3356

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