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For quite some time, both my son Matthew, and his mom, Robbin, had told me about Donna Kaye's, as Robbin and Matthew are people who appreciate a good breakfast.  So Wednesday morning, February 29, 2012, when my wife and I were visiting Bakersfield, I suggested to my beautiful wife, that we should enjoy breakfast at Donna Kaye's Cafe, which has a reputation for serving some of the best breakfast cuisine that Bakersfield has to offer. We weren't disappointed...


Photo:  It's a beautiful, sunny, Wednesday morning in Bakersfield, and my wife and I are about ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Donna Kaye's Cafe.  The restaurant offers plenty of close-up parking for your dining pleasure.


Photo:  You could say that Donna Kaye's Cafe is quite compact, as this is a photo of the breakfast counter - four stools - with the kitchen located behind the smiling hostess.  One leg of the dining room can be seen at the center rear of the photo, and the photographer is standing in the "other" dining room.  Sounds complicated, but it really isn't, as the restaurant is comfortable, and features a mix of tables and booths.  Our visit was at 0800 on a Wednesday morning, and the restaurant was packed... I can only imagine how this place is on weekends.  But the locals know where to go for a good breakfast...


Photo:  Our friendly server, Lupe, places Sharlene's order of a gigantic omelet on our table.  My order of chorizo and eggs has already arrived.


Photo:  "Us... ," Sharlene and Eric Rench pose for the camera, as we're about ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Our friendly server, Lupe, graciously snapped the photo.


Photo:  Donna Kaye's Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch only, so if you like breakfast, that should wave a gigantic green flag in front of you.  Their breakfast menu reflects the taste of the locals, but, curiously, doesn't offer trout for breakfast, which seems to be a de facto Bakersfield standard breakfast entrée.  No worries, as I'm easy to please when it comes to breakfast.  Chorizo and eggs is a favorite of mine, and of course that particular item graces Donna Kaye's menu.  Check out the home style potatoes, with the diced grilled peppers and onions... Amazing! Like everyplace else, the menu has chorizo and eggs mixed together... I part company with the standard.  So I asked for my eggs over easy, and my chorizo on the side, and the staff was happy to accommodate my request.  Biscuits and gravy are another de facto standard side dish in Bakersfield, but Donna Kaye's Cafe ups the ante by not only creating outstanding biscuits and gravy, but adding a little thing of whipped butter to, not only add more calories, but to add more taste.  And then there's the dish of salsa... What a breakfast!!!!

Yes, the food is good, and the restaurant was packed with locals.  Donna Kaye's Cafe definitely caters to the taste of the Bakersfield locals, so if you're in the mood to enjoy a great breakfast, Bakersfield-style, then Donna Kaye's is you kind of restaurant.  As a "breakfast junkie," I highly recommend this restaurant!!!

Donna Kaye's Cafe
212 Oak St.
Bakersfield, CA 93304
661 322-1875

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