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What is the result when you combine restaurant, decorated in the style of a1950's diner, with a graveyard motif? The answer is Digger's Diner in Brentwood, CA, located in eastern Contra Costa County, just outside the Bay Area.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  The Brentwood location of Digger's Diner on early Monday afternoon, November 20, 2017.  Since it's early afternoon and I'm in the mood for lunch - or maybe breakfast - so what to do?  No worries, as breakfast is served any time the restaurant is open.  However, the Concord Transcript newspaper has nominated Digger's Diner for the "Best Burger" for two years in a row, and the restaurant has received rave reviews in the local Brentwood media, so I really had my sights set on a burger.

The Brentwood location is one link in a small, east Bay Area chain of three restaurants, with the other locations located in Concord and Hayward.  As seen in the photo, there is a small patio in front of the restaurant if you prefer to dine outdoors.  

Photo:  As you walk in the door, you'll be immediately "greeted and seated" by a friendly member of the staff.  This is the main dining room, with the open kitchen in the rear of the photo.  There is a small dining room, along with a tiny counter off to the left of the photo.  

Photo:  The main dining room, with a "stylized" mural of "Diggers" in the 1950's surrounded by vintage autos and motorcycles.  Mt. Diablo looms in the background of the mural, and if you step outside the restaurant and look to the south, sure enough... Mt. Diablo dominates the Brentwood horizon.

Photo:  "The Graveyard" painting which decorates one wall in the small dining room, located behind the open kitchen.  Digger's Diner was founded back in 1994 by "Digger" Dave, and his wife Kathy, who have since retired and sold the business to their niece.  By trade, "Digger" Dave actually was a grave digger for a local cemetery, and he and his wife opened this restaurant, which has since multiplied to three stores.

Photo:  Looking from my seat at my counter into the main dining room shows the chrome, 1950's style tables and chairs, along with the classic "Digger's" logo on the wall,  In the foreground of the photo there's a rack with several bins of toys, so the younger set can amuse themselves during the visit.

Photo:  The "burger" portion of the lunch menu offers a wide array of burger choices.  Note the very reasonable prices, but sides aren't included, as they're in another part of the meal.  I like that idea, as occasionally, all I want is a burger, but if I'm in the mood for a side, it's nice to have many choices, so I can choose whatever fits my mood.  However, 90% of the time, just "plain ol' fries" will be my side of choice, as my tastes are simple.

I arrived around 1330 on this Monday afternoon, and I was interested in lunch, but I'd noted that breakfast is served anytime the restaurant is open.  Looking at the menu, EVERYTHING looked great, as the menu features a wide variety of all your "diner" favorites.  I REALLY considered breakfast, as breakfast is my de facto favorite meal to enjoy in a restaurant.  "Fish and Chips," the "Reuben Sandwich" and the "Digger Dog" really tugged at my taste buds, but I went with a "Cheese Burger," along with a side of fries, as Digger's Diner has won awards for their burgers, and a cheese burger and fries is always a great place to start.

The menu features classic "diner cuisine," but if you're watching your weight, or if you're a vegetarian, you'll find yourself right at home, as Digger's Diner has several vegetarian selections on their extensive menu.

Photo:  A view of the counter - all three seats - from the small dining room, located off the main dining room.  The kitchen is in the center, behind the posters, and the main dining room is to the right of the photo.

Photo:  The kitchen is open from the main dining room, so you can watch the staff at work.  Look closely at the griddle and you can see my burger cooking, along with some hash brown potatoes.  I absolutely LOVE restaurants that feature an open kitchen!

Photo:  Meet Yolanda, my friendly server who "meeted and seated" me, and delivered my lunch to me, with an award-winning smile.

In addition to Yolanda's friendly face, great service, and award-winning smile, Digger's Diner features fast service, as my burger and fries arrived in about ten minutes, after I placed my order.  That's fast service!

Photo:  On my request, Yolanda snapped my photo, as I smile, as I know I'm about to enjoy one of the best cheese burgers in the East Bay area of Central California.

Photo:  As I mentioned before, I really wanted breakfast, and fish and chips sounded fantastic, but since today was my first visit to Digger's Diner, and the restaurant has won awards for their burgers, I figured a cheese burger, along with an order of fries would be a great place to start.  

The burger starts with a 1/3 pound of hamburger, cooked just the way you like it, which is fresh, and never frozen. Meat is served on a fresh, grilled bun, and includes mayonnaise, mustard, pickle, onion, lettuce and tomato. In the case of a cheese burger, you get not one, but TWO slices of American cheese, perfectly melted, and you can actually taste the cheese.  The fries are deep fried, crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside, which equals perfection.

The burger and the fries were delicious, and were cooked perfectly, as advertised on the menu, and were cooked, just the way I ordered.  The grilled bun was soft and chewy, you could actually taste the melted cheese, and the vegetables were fresh and crisp.  Such a great lunch!

Photo:  Close-up of the "Cheese Burger" just before I took my first bite.  I suppose I'm getting old, as the burger and fries filled me up until dinner, and for dinner tonight, I only ate a small salad.  This burger has won local awards and I can understand why, as it's a delicious burger!

Great atmosphere, fast, friendly service, friendly staff, and delicious food.  If you're looking for a classy 1950's style diner, with a graveyard theme that dishes out amazing burger, then "dig in" to Digger's Diner in Brentwood.

Digger's Diner
2261 Balfour Rd.
Brentwood, CA 94513
925 240-8958

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