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Ah yes... Sunday morning breakfast in Merced... what could be more appropriate than visiting Denny's Restaurant, located on 13th street, which has been in the same location for 40 plus years... or looking at it another way, since I was a teenager, and now I'm a "certified" senior citizen!


Photo:  Denny's Restaurant, on 13th street in Merced, as been in the same location for over 50 years, and except for periodic updates, has pretty much remained the same.  


Photo:  Sunday, October 30, 2011, at 10:30, finds Denny's a very busy restaurant, with every table, booth and stool full, and folks waiting for their name to be called.  There were even people waiting outside!  We almost left, as I'm not a fan of waiting in line, but after we'd given Greg's name to the cashier, the wait was less than 15 minutes, which is very reasonable, considering how crowded the place was.


Photo:  Our friendly server, Myrna, left, and another helper, Diane, on the right.  Like many people do, Myrna asked me the eternal question, "Why are you taking pictures?" and she seemed pleased, and amazed that I was planning to publish an article on my web site, and post her photo on the World Wide Web.  She asked for the U.R.L., which I wrote on a napkin and gave it to her.  See Myrna, I told you I'd publish the article!


Photo:  Myrna brings a portion of our order to our table.  My favorite shot is always a server bringing food to the table, and it's a shot that I rarely miss.  It is usually a difficult shot to achieve, as a lot happens in a little bit of time, especially when the restaurant is as busy as this place was on this Sunday morning in late November.


Photo:  Faith and I were like-minded, and Fait commented, "I like cheese," so she and I ordered one of the newer choices on Denny's fine menu:  "Cheesy Breakfast Sampler."  So for only $4.95, you get toast of your choice, bacon, sausage, ham or link, scrambled eggs and hash brown potatoes, covered with grated Cheddar cheese.  You can't beat the price, and the breakfast was delicious!!!


Photo:  Today's Sunday morning Denny's "Breakfast Warriors," from left to right:  Linda Young, Faith Young, Bonnie Wilson, Greg Wilson, and your editor and photographer, Eric Rench.  

After I graduated from Merced High School, my buddies and I would frequently meet at Denny's around 3 O’clock in the morning to enjoy coffee and cherry pie... and after 40 years, the only things that have changed are the faces, and the menu selection.  Note:  Denny's has kept up with the times, as tastes have changed considerably over the last four decades.  Denny's in Merced is the same restaurant that I remember as a youth, and offers the same cuisine, same service, and the same, solid protocol that you've come to expect from enjoying the fine food served at Denny's Restaurant in Anywhere, U.S.A.  

Denny's Restaurant
1128 W. 13th St.
Merced, CA 95340
209 722-2549

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