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Wednesday, February 22, 2012, I got an unfortunate phone call at work that my son was in the hospital, despritely ill, and that I needed to take the long drive to Bakersfield to visit him.  So I left work, headed home, packed up a few things, and hit the road south.  I knew it was going to be a long night, so I had to get something to eat.  Tulare is about an hour north of Bakersfield, which makes it a good place to stop for grub and gas.  I'd been thinking about Del Taco for a couple of days, so tonight was the night to enjoy a quick meal at Del Taco, on Hillman Street, in Tulare.


Photo:  It's 9 O’clock on Wednesday, February 28, 2012, and I stopped for gas and food in Tulare, California.  I'd been thinking of Del Taco, and I'm truly glad that I visited this restaurant, as I enjoyed a fine meal, and the staff were very friendly and efficient.


Photo:  Del Taco is a Mexican-influenced, fast-food, chain of restaurants, and they, and specifically the Tulare outlet hold true to the format:  You make your selection from the menu, posted above the counter, you make your selection, you pay for your meal, and then you get a number - just like Auschwitz - you're given a number.  Then you sit at your table, and one of the friendly staff members will call your number, and then you walk up to the counter to claim your meal.


Photo:  The friendly counter gal has just called my number - Number 161 - and my meal is placed on the counter, ready for me to pick up.  But with me being a serial photographer, and a dedicated "foodie," I can't resist the urge to take a photo of the staff in action.  No problem, as I got a big laugh out of everybody, and all of the staff members seemed to enjoy having their photos taken.  Great!  I love friendly people, so I say the Tulare outlet of Del Taco rules!


Photo:  I love being on both sides of the camera... so I asked one of the friendly staff members to snap my photo of "me," with my delicious meal that I was about to enjoy.


Photo:  I ordered a Baja Shrimp Combination meal, which consisted of two shrimp tacos, a order of fries, and a all-you-can-drink, multiple trips to the soda fountain.  Yes, it is true, that I enjoy catsup on my fries, hence the small packages of catsup that I'm about ready rip open and pour on the fries.


Photo:  Here's a closer photo of one shrimp taco, opened for the camera, and my order of fries.  Del Taco's menu advertises the fries as "crinkle-cut" fries, and they're delicious, but a bit on the salty side for me.


Photo:  Oh yes!  This shrimp taco is truly delicious, as it features battered shrimp, diced onions, tomatoes and shredded cabbage, garnished with a slice of lime, on a corn tortilla.  It isn't Mexico, but it's darn good!

I happen to love to eat at Del Taco, as they're a cut or two above other fast chains that sell Mexican-influenced cuisine.  The menu is the same at any Del Taco you visit... as the food is good, and very reasonably priced.  What sets one fast-food outlet apart are the people, whether they be good, bad or indifferent.  The staff at the Tulare Del Taco are outstanding, in that they seem to care, they're friendly, and they're enthusiastic.  So, when you're visiting Tulare, and you're in the mood for Del Taco, I highly recommend this outlet.

Del Taco
1415 Hillman St.
Tulare, CA 93274
559 687-9058

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