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I am a sucker for rustic dining, and dining just doesn't get any more rustic - or delicious - than at Dardanelle Restaurant, located in the high Sierras, at Dardanelle, California.

Photo:  At 0700 on the Saturday morning of August 24, 2013, I'm opening up the restaurant.  Woohoo!!!  Dardenelle Restaurant offers outdoor dining on their shady veranda, as well as indoor, and patio dining.

Photo:  Dardanelle Restaurant features outdoor dining, on the front porch, and on the patio, behind the restaurant.  I love the sign in the upper left-hand corner of the photo!  

Photo:  As you'd expect, the dining room is very rustic.  After all you're in the Sierra Nevada mountains, at the 6000-foot elevation.

Photo:  Friendly Jane and Cierra, at the front counter of the restaurant.  Dardanelle Restaurant is open every day during the summer, and on weekends during the rest of the year.  Highway 108 is closed during the winter due to excessive snow, and the only way to reach the resort is by snowmobile, show shoes, skis or helicopter.  Obviously, the restaurant is closed during the winter.

Photo:  My friendly server, Cierra, poses with my "Dardanelle Scramble" breakfast.  Cierra was very interested in the camo Otterbox cover that I use to protect my iPhone, and it was a "You show me yours, and I'll show you mine" moment when it came to phones.  She proudly showed my her pink camo Otterbox cover for her iPhone.  As an aside, phone coverage is very spotty and sporadic at Dardanelle Resort, and the high Sierra in general.

Photo:  It's 0720 on Saturday, August 24, 2013, and I'm ready to dig into my "Dardanelle Scramble."  Yum!

Photo:  My "Dardanelle Scramble" breakfast.  Delicious!  It's two biscuits, covered with delicious sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, and perfectly cooked hash brown potatoes.  Nothing like a superior breakfast to start you day, while camping in the high Sierras!

Rustic dining is good at Dardanelle Restaurant, as the dining room is rustic - duh! - the staff is friendly, and the food is absolutely delicious!  Dardanelle is a great restaurant to enjoy a great meal!

Dardanelle Restaurant
Hwy. 108
Dardanelle, CA 95374
209 965-4275

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