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Cozy Cabin Cafe is a very fitting name for this fine restaurant, as it's located inside a wood cabin, the restaurant is very rustic, the food is great, and it's located in the small Calaveras County town of West Point, CA, situated in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Cozy Cabin Cafe is located in the small, Sierra Nevada foothill town of West Point, CA.  Like the town, the restaurant is very rustic in nature, and it's a favorite "hangout" of the locals, as West Point is a little off the beaten track, and doesn't see many tourists.

The layout is very interesting, as the kitchen and dining room are located in adjacent, but separate buildings, and are connected by a covered hall.  There is a very nice, shaded patio for outside dining, which was perfect for me, on this mid-Monday morning, July 01, 2019.

Photo:  Daily specials are posted outside, on a white board, near the entrance to the restaurant.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you're greeted by Sonia, today's friendly hostess at the counter, who invites you to sit anywhere you choose.  I asked for a menu, and told here that I planned to dine outside, as the balmy temperature was in the mid-70's which makes for perfect outdoor dining weather.

In keeping with the name, and the "theme" of the restaurant, the "cozy" dining resembles a mountain cabin, and is very rustic in nature.  Who ever carved the wooden bear certainly has talent!

Photo:  I love the mural on the wall of the rustic dining room.  Note the snowshoes, as despite West Point's relatively low location, the town receives several snow events each year.

Photo:  The breakfast menu lists all of your favorite breakfast items.  Cozy Cabin is serious about breakfast, as note the menu states it's served until 3 in the afternoon.  I seriously considered the special on the white board, but in the end, I ordered from the menu, as I truly wanted potatoes with my breakfast.

Photo:  On this balmy, early July morning, the patio is a pleasant place to enjoy breakfast.  In my humble opinion, food always tastes better when enjoyed outside.

Photo:  You can look into the kitchen, and watch the friendly staff at work, but the entrance is covered by a screen, which makes photography challenging.  I'm a definite "fan" of kitchen shots!

Photo:  Meet Sonia, my friendly server who brings my breakfast to the table with a smile.

Photo:  Thanks, Sonia, for snapping my photo, albeit very blurry.  Unfortunately, I was using my back-up camera, which is 10 years old, and can be tricky to focus.  Even I mess it up sometimes, so I certainly can't fault Sonia.

Photo:  From the "Breakfast" section of the breakfast menu, I went with "Meat and Eggs."  All breakfasts include eggs, toast and potatoes, and your meat choices are bacon, ham or sausage.  Today, I was hungry for bacon, so bacon was my meat of choice.  When asked if I'd like a small cup of in-house-made salsa, I jumped at the chance!

As per my de facto standard, with ordered my two eggs cooked over easy, and they arrived cooked, exactly as ordered, with is a trademark of a fine chef.  I enjoyed two thick slabs of bacon, and I requested my bacon to be cooked medium, as many times bacon arrives almost burned, which is a major reason I usually order some form of sausage.  The bacon was cooked perfectly!

You get a choice between home style potatoes or hash browns, and when Sonia explained to me the home style potatoes include onion and bell pepper, I went in that direction, and I wasn't disappointed.  The potatoes were diced on the "chunky" side, fried to a perfect, golden brown on the outside, and chewy-good inside.  The sourdough toast arrived warm, and covered with real butter. Yummy!

The in-house-made salsa was absolutely amazing!  It had a rich, slightly tangy and smoky flavor, and the "heat factor" could be described as "warm," not hot, which definitely worked with me.  I dipped chunks of potatoes in the salsa, and thought I'd died and gone to heaven with each bite.

You know a restaurant is great when most of the customers are locals, and West Point locals know Cozy Cabin is a great restaurant, and THE restaurant in town to enjoy an outstanding meal.  When you're visiting Calaveras County, and West Point, CA, stop by Cozy Cabin Cafe for a great meal.

Cozy Cabin Cafe
22612 CA-26
West Point, CA 95255
209 293-7232

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