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As you slowly drive down the main street of the small California town of Springville - the main "drag" doesn't even have a stop sign - you'll see more cowboy hats and pickup trucks than you'll see on the plains of Texas.  Springville is a "cattle town," as it's surrounded by cattle ranches, and practically everybody in town is involved in ranching in some way.  When it comes time to enjoy a great meal, Cowpuncher's Cafe and Catering, located in Springville, CA, fits right in...

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Cowpuncher's Cafe is located in the small San Joaquin Valley town of Springville, CA, a few miles east of Porterville.  Inside, you'll find a small counter, comfortable tables and booths, but on this beautiful mid-September early afternoon, I preferred to sit on the rustic patio, enjoy my lunch, and watch all of the action that Springville has to offer.

It's just past noon on Thursday, September 12, 2019, and I've arrived at Cowpuncher's Cafe, to enjoy a hamburger, and to savor the "cowboy" atmosphere.

Photo:  Cowpuncher's Cafe has the right idea when it comes to breakfast!  Breakfast is served all day on Sunday, which sounds good...

Photo:  As you enter the small dining room, you'll find rustic decor, a small dining counter, and a mix of tables and booths.  There are even a couple of television monitors, tuned to what seems to be a game show.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll note the small counter, the soda fountain, and the window to the kitchen. The dining room is decorated with a "country" theme, quite compact, clean, and very cozy.  I love the "western" feeling, along with the atmosphere.

Photo:  Meet Anna, my server, who smiles as I take her photo, as she prepares orders, behind the counter.  

Photo:  The "Lunch Grub" menu features all of your lunch favorites, with a cowboy flair...

Photo:  "Mr. Moose" provides some of the decoration in the dining room, along with many cowboy and rodeo photos.

Photo:  My server, Anna, at the window to the kitchen, as the chefs prepare my lunch.  On this early Thursday afternoon, it surprised me the restaurant wasn't busier, but I guess you have to take into consideration the small town of Springville is off the beaten track, and you'd hardly believe that it's only a 4-hour drive from Los Angeles, and a world away.

Photo:  On my request, Anna snapped my photo, along with my hamburger and fries, on my request.  Thanks!

Photo:  I started at the top of the "Lunch Grub" menu, and ordered plain hamburger, along with an order of fries. My burger arrived open face, which makes it easy to take photos!

The burger is quite large - maybe a third of a pound - and is hand-pressed, and cooked to your liking, in my case, it was cooked perfectly medium, just the way I ordered it.  The meat patty arrived on a large, fresh, toasted bun, and between the bun and the meat, Cowpuncher's Cafe "nailed" the perfect bun-to-meat ratio with this fine hamburger. Along with the burger, fresh lettuce, tomato and onion was included on the side, which helped to keep the "veggies" cold, and the meat hot, which enhanced the flavor of the delicious burger.  The hamburger arrived open face, without any condiments, which leaves the diner to totally "customize" the burger.  The only condiment I added was mustard, as the burger was "stand-along" good by itself, and didn't require any "enhancement."  The "cowboy" decorated plate, along with the "open face" serving of the hamburger made for a pretty presentation.

The crinkled fries were perfectly deep fried to a golden brown on the outside, and were a chewy tender white inside, just the was great fries should be prepared.  The fries were lightly salted, and very light, crispy and not at all greasy. Great fries!

I absolutely loved my burger, the "cowboy" atmosphere, and the amazing, late summer weather, as I enjoyed my fine burger, outside on the comfortable patio, as I watched the world of Springville unfold before me.  However, my server, although she did provide decent service, was an enigma, as she started out very chatty and friendly, and embraced my photo taking, as I told her what I was doing, for this web site, and for Yelp. However, when it came to for her to "cowgirl up," and have her photo taken as she delivered my lunch, she suddenly became very "business-like" and turned her back on me, as I attempted to take her photo. Too bad, not only for the sake of this article, but for her, as she lost a very generous tip.

I really wanted to fall in love with this restaurant, as they serve breakfast all day, and I'm truly a "cowboy" at heart, but I just can't... I definitely recommend Cowpuncher's Cafe and Catering for the food, but if you're interested in taking photos, I'd suggest you dine elsewhere.

Cowpuncher's Cafe and Catering
35585 CA-190
Springville, CA 93265

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