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The quaint coastal town of Cambria, CA, is a mecca for tourists, as the main street in town is a tourist's dream, as it offers lots of "cutesie-poo" souvenir shops, bakeries, coffee houses and restaurants.  Yet, it's a real town, where real people live, work and play.  When it comes to eating, I am totally "real," especially when it comes to breakfast, with a Mexican flair.  Are you interested in a Mexican-influenced breakfast in Cambria?  Think Cambria Cafe, located on Main Street, in Cambria.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Cambria Cafe is located in the heart of downtown Cambria, all three blocks of it.  Cambria is a destination for tourists on California's beautiful central coast, but Cambria is a "real" town, not just a tourist mecca, where "real" people actually live their daily lives.  That being said, there are many small business that line the main street, looking forward to your tourist dollars.

Photo:  It's just a little past 9 in the morning on Thursday, October 17, 2019, and we've arrived at Cambria Cafe for breakfast.  The main dining room as you enter the restaurant; we were surprised to see only a couple tables seated, and these patrons were locals.

The dining room is small, with booths lining the perimeter of the room, and a line of tables in the middle.  Decor is on the modest side, but it is quite "low key," with a touch of "country," in keeping with the rural atmosphere that Cambria has to offer.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, a white board announces the daily specials.  Along with the white board, Cambria Cafe is "old school" in every way...  "Green Huevos Rancheros" tempted me, really, but I wanted to look at the breakfast menu first.

Photo:  The breakfast menu features "comfort food" from both sides of the border, and everything that a breakfast lover could ever desire.  

Photo:  Our friendly server, Manuela, takes Sharlene's breakfast order of "Grilled Pork Chop and Eggs."

Photo:  Meet Manuela, our friendly server, as she brings both of our breakfast orders to us, in one trip, with a great balancing act.  Not only is Manuela a friendly and efficient server, she definitely has poise, as it looks like my corn tortillas had a smooth ride from the kitchen to our table.

Photo:  Thanks, Manuela, for taking our photo, as my wife and I prepare to enjoy our delicious breakfast at Cambria Cafe.

Photo:  From the "Country Style" section of the breakfast menu, my wife ordered "Grilled Pork Chop and Eggs." The breakfast is served with country gravy, potatoes, eggs and your choice of toast.  She ordered country potatoes - hash browns are an option - scrambled eggs, along with a buttered English muffin.

The star of the meal, the pork chop, arrived perfectly grilled, as it was golden brown on the outside, and tender, moist and white on the inside, just the way a pork chop should be.  The pork chop was covered with a generous helping of rich, thick and creamy country gravy, which included lots of ground sausage for a true, "country" taste. Not only was the gravy great on the pork chop, it made for great dipping for the diced country potatoes.

The diced country potatoes were diced, seasoned, and perfectly fried to a rich, golden brown on the outside, and on the inside, were tender and juicy.  Such a great companion to the pork chop!  Let's see... dip a chunk of potato into the gravy... then a piece of pork chop... another... you get the idea.

To round out the meal, my wife enjoyed two scrambled eggs, and a toasted, buttered English muffin.  Such a great breakfast at Cambria Cafe!

Photo:  From the "American - Mexican" section of the "Breakfast" menu, I ordered "Chorizo con Huevos," as I rarely, if ever miss a breakfast with a Mexican slant to it.  The menu describes the breakfast as, "Eggs scrambled with Mexican sausage, served with beans, rice and tortillas."  It's a simple description for an elegant meal...

When you order chorizo and eggs, most of the time at most restaurants, the chorizo and eggs are scrambled together, and that's how the menu lists the entree, but I prefer my eggs cooked over easy, and like my chorizo and eggs separate. I placed my order, for the eggs and chorizo to be cooked separate and Cambria Cafe was happy to fulfil my request, and cook my chorizo and eggs the way I requested. That is a HUGE PLUS for Cambria Cafe, as they're willing to alter their menu as per the request of a customer!  That's great customer service!

The chorizo was simply delicious, flavorful, and reminded me of chorizo that I've enjoyed during my many trips south of the border.  My two eggs were cooked over easy, as ordered, which is a benchmark of a good breakfast chef who knows how to cook eggs to order.  The refried beans were smooth, creamy and delicious, and sprinkled with cotija cheese for added flavor, and for an enhanced presentation.  The rice was good, solid, but not particularly memorable... what more can you say about Mexican rice for breakfast?  My breakfast was rounded out with a stack of corn tortillas - you can choose flour if that's the way you roll - along with a cup of salsa, and a tiny salad for garnish, and to enhance the presentation.  My breakfast was simply delicious...

Cambria Cafe is a small town diner, with lots of local character, that offers amazing "California" cuisine, with a smattering of Mexican "comfort food" to both tourists and locals.  It's a "hangout" for the Cambria locals, who enjoy the delicious food, and mingle with the staff, and it's also a favorite of the many tourists who flood Main Street, in search of souvenirs.

Whatever your taste, or your "mission" in life, you'll love the food, and the friendly service at Cambria Cafe, located on Main Street, in Cambria, CA.

Cambria Cafe
2282 Main St.
Cambria, CA 93428
805 927-8519

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