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Neary every Tuesday evening, my sister Bonnie, her husband Greg, and various friends get together to enjoy "Taco Tuesday" at Bubba's, where the feature large, delicious tacos for only $2.00 each.  Bonnie had been raving about their taco adventures for months, and with me being an ex-Mercedian, a taco affectionado and a "foodie," I just had to pay a visit to Big Bubba's Bad BBQ to enjoy some of their fine tacos.


Photo:  Tuesday, December 20, 2011 I finally had the opportunity to pay a visit to Big Bubba's Bad BBQ.  My sister took the day off work, and I picked up my son, Matthew, at the train station, and the three of us planned to make a day of it at Bubba's.  In addition to barbecue, Bubba's features a full-service bar, and a dazzling selection of beer, and since we planned to make an afternoon and evening of it, we played it smart and safe and took a cab from my sister's place, as we didn't want to endanger ourselves or others, not to mention suffer horrific legal consequences, after spending an afternoon and evening drinking beer.


Photo:  Matthew and Bonnie compare notes and we enjoy our first pitcher of beer, which happens to be Blue Moon.  If you want something different in beer, give Blue Moon a try.


Photo:  It had been nearly five years since I'd visited Bubba's, and there had been many changes.  The current owner is attempting to "soften" the image of the restaurant, and turn it from a honky-tonk barbecue joint into more of a "mainstream" restaurant.  Bubba's used to have a mechanical bull, a shooting gallery, and the staff members all wore black and white cow shirts, and, on cue, would break into a line-dance routine to the beat of traditional country music.  That's all gone, and the owner hinted there would be more "cosmopolitan" changes on the way in 2012.


Photo:  I can never resist peeking into the kitchen and photographing the staff hard at work.


Photo:  Our friendly waitress, Suzanne, brings my plate of carne asada tacos to our table.


Photo:  My plate of carne asada tacos, with all the fixings, including guacamole, for only $2.00 each!  The tacos aren't authentic Mexican, as you don't see flour tortillas or lettuce, and you very rarely will see shredded cheese in Mexico, but these "Tex-Mex" tacos were delicious!


Photo:  Matthew bites into one of his tacos.  Like me, he ordered a plate of carne asada tacos, and he reported that his tacos were great!  The tacos were savory, flavorful, but not overly spicy.


Photo:  Tonight's "Taco Tuesday" warriors at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ, from left to right:  Scott Simms, Bev Simms, Bonnie Wilson, Margie Rench, Michael Rench, Emily Rench, Elizabeth Rench, Greg Wilson, Matthew Rench and your author, Eric Rench.  Do you get the feeling that some of us are related?


Photo:  Greg and Bonnie chat with the friendly bartender, Gino Pinocchio.  Greg and Bonnie are regulars for "Taco Tuesday," and they've become friends with Gino, who impressed me as a great bartender and a nice guy.


Photo:  After enjoying tacos, great company and lots of beer, Matthew and I enjoy a double shot of whiskey, to prepare us for the taxi ride back to Bonnie's place.


Photo:  It seems that Matthew struck up a friendship with one of the staff members, but quickly became disinterested when he found out that she's only seventeen!  The day after, I asked him what her name was and he couldn't recall it, perhaps because of the double whiskey that he had just enjoyed.

Back in 2006, Big Bubba's had a very different theme, as it was more in keeping with a Texas honky tonk, complete with micro brewery, mechanical bull and line dancing.  Click on this link to relive our visit to Big Bubba's Bad BBQ on December 24, 2006.

OK, let's go back to our visit of December 24, 2005, when Big Bubba's was known as the Firehouse Brewpub Restaurant.  Click on this link to see our review of our visit to this interesting restaurant.

We didn't to enjoy any barbecue this evening, but the staff assured us that Bubba's has barbecue, but we did enjoy delicious tacos, an untold amount of beer, and lots of good company.  "Taco Tuesday" at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ is the way to enjoy a Tuesday evening in Merced!

Big Bubba's Bad BBQ
560 West 18th Street
Merced, CA 95340
209 384-3797

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