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There aren't many restaurants to chose from in San Sineon, as the town is small, but the mountain and ocean scenery is breath taking.  Your choice in breakfast is especially meager, as there are two "sit-down" breakfast restaurants, and two restaurants that offer breakfast buffets.  One of the two "sit-down" restaurants that serve breakfast is the oddly-named Big Sur California Cafe.

Photo:  Big Sur California Cafe is located with Days Inn motel, on the east side of Cabrillo Highway.  During a San Simeon visit, back in 2006, we enjoyed breakfast here, when it was the Carriage Restaurant.  No more wagon in front of the restaurant!

Photo:  Monday, February 25, 2013, we walked into the restaurant, and saw the gentleman in the photo, sitting at one of the booths, reading the paper.  We couldn't see anybody else in the restaurant, which was quite interesting. No worries, as he quickly put down his paper, welcomed us, and placed menus on our table.  Two delicious mugs of hot coffee soon followed.  Life is good.  Note the decor hasn't changed much from the Carriage days.

Photo:  We assumed our server owned the restaurant, by the way he talked and acted.  That's quite a uniform, to say the least!  Life is good and laid-back in San Simeon, so we just went with it.  Our breakfasts arrived promptly, were hot, and cooked, as ordered. Mr. Owner was attentive, but not intrusive, and kept our coffee mugs full.  He and a cook, who we didn't see, were the only employees in the restaurant on this Monday morning.

Photo:  Upon my request, not Sharlene's, we had our photo taken, as we were ready to enjoy our delicious breakfast.

Photo:  Big Sur California Cafe's breakfast menu offers many choices, but I tend to gravitate towards sausage, and today's main event was linguica.  My breakfast included one linguica sausage, split open, and grilled perfectly, two eggs over easy, golden hashbrowns, and two pieces of sourdough toast.  As you can see, everything was cooked perfectly, and the eggs over easy were just that:  Easy, and not hard.  The breakfast was good, and the price was high, but not out of line, by San Simeon's standards.  I would definitely eat breakfast here again...

Back in 2006, we enjoyed this restaurant when it was named Carriage Restaurant, under different owners, a slightly different format, and a different name.  Click on the link to enjoy our previous visit...

Despite many other reviews that flame this restaurant, we enjoyed our breakfast, and we found the price high, but not unreasonable.  The food was cooked as ordered, it arrived hot, and the service was attentive and friendly.  My only suggestion is that the owner rename the restaurant to "San Simeon California Cafe."

Big Sur California Cafe
9290 Castillo Dr.
San Simeon, CA 93452
805 927-5258

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