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B&S Coffee Shop is a favorite of Clovis locals, as it features delicious diner cuisine, served in a very, 1960's-era diner atmosphere.  B&S Coffee Shop includes everything that I cherish about fine Clovis dining!

Photo:  Thanks to my niece, Elizabeth Habib, and my nephew Conner, who are Clovis residents, we were able to dine at B&S Coffee Shop, which serves the kind of food that both Lizzie and I love.  We'd talked the night before about a "biscuits and gravy" restaurant, and Conner suggested B&S Coffee Shop, which turned out to be a wise choice.

Photo:  The dining room isn't fancy, but it's comfortable, clean and represents the "small town" atmosphere that Clovis embraces.  My niece, Elizabeth is seated to the right of the photo, on this Wednesday morning, July 02, 2014.

Photo:  B&S Coffee Shop is very serious about breakfast, as they're open from 0600 to 1400, so breakfast makes up a large part of their day.  Here's a sample page from the breakfast menu... I told you they're serious!  How many restaurants offer the choice of bacon or sausage gravy?

Photo:  If you look to the extreme right of the photo, you'll see the window into the kitchen, where our very friendly cook was preparing our breakfast.  I love the retro dining atmosphere, including the stools at the breakfast bar, and the vinyl upholstery.  Look to the extreme left of the photo, and you'll see some of the cinnamon rolls ready to serve that B&S Coffee Shop is famous for.  I'm not a fan of cinnamon rolls, so I passed...  I'll take menudo any day of the week over cinnamon rolls.

Photo:  Breakfast is served!  Our waitress was polite, efficient, but nor particularly friendly, nor receptive to my camera, and declined to state her name.  The food was outstanding and the service was excellent, so despite the fact that I felt less-than-welcome, I left her a 15% tip.  

Photo:  My niece, Elizabeth and I are prepared to enjoy a great breakfast.  Our server flatly refused to take the photo, and she summoned the chef to do the honors.  In retrospect, why didn't I get his name and take his photo, as he is a really nice and friendly guy?  Guess I'll have to look him up next time I visit this great restaurant...

Photo:  Lizzie begins to enjoy her breakfast.  She and I are both voracious eaters, and have nearly identical tastes in food.  She ordered her eggs scrambled, and ordered bacon gravy, but other than that, our breakfasts were identical.

Photo:  My order of the "Two Egg Breakfast," which includes two eggs cooked to order - over easy in my case - hash brown or country potatoes - hash brow potatoes today - and several varieties of toast or biscuit and gravy.  Duh... biscuit and gravy!  Lizzie chose bacon gravy and I, for some strange reason, opted for sausage gravy - why did I not go for bacon? - but I took a taste of Lizzie's bacon gravy and it was GOOD!  Our server produced a jar of fresh, house-made salsa cruda which definitely was welcome.  Quite a breakfast!  May I say delicious?  May I say this is my kind of breakfast?  

Where elese do you get the choice between bacon or sausage gravy?  B&S Coffee Shop gives you the choice, and sets the pace for retro dining, in Clovis.  If you're in the mood for delicious diner cuisine, and you want to meet the Clovis locals, head over to B&S Coffee Shop.

B&S Coffee Shop
233 Sunnyside Ave.
Clovis, CA 93611
559 299-2000

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