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Another landmark restaurant located in Old Town Clovis.  Bobby Salazar's which stands for excellence in Mexican food in Old Town Clovis.

Photo:  Bobby Salizar's is located on busy Clovis Avenue, but offers lots of safe, free parking.  It's early afternoon, Tuesday, July 01, 2014, and it's already 100+ degrees outside, which will prove to be just another hot Tuesday in Clovis.

Photo:  Bobby Salazar's has a main dining room, complete with a full-service bar, and a smaller, more "laid back" dining room to the side, where we were seated, due to our large group.  The divining room is comfortable, friendly, and in the hot Clovis summer, is air-conditioned.  Thanks to the low light in the dining room, I had to "digitally enhance" this photo to get a copy worth posting to the web site.  Ah, the joys of digital photography...

Photo:  Fresh, in-house made salsa, and chips to match the color of the Mexican flag.  Love it!!!

Photo:  Our friendly server, Merkord, brings Elizabeth's order to our table.  I was staying at my nephew and niece's place, and my brother and sister-in-law met us for lunch, as they were heading home from a road trip.  Clovis is an awesome place, and Bobby Salizar's is an awesome place to enjoy delicious Mexican food!

Photo:  The Rench and Habib families... well, some of them. Left to right, your publisher, editor, chief cook and bottle washer, Eric Rench, Conner Habib, Elizabeth Habib, Margie Rench, and Michael Rench.  Yes, we're all family and we like each other's company,

Photo:  My crazy lunch.  Menudo is usually on served on weekends, but Bobby Salazar's serves it every day they're open.  How crazy is that?  OK, so a "full" order of menudo is priced at $9.79, and a "half" order is priced at $8.79. What the hell?   The "dif" is only a dollar, so... I ordered a "full" order.  Menudo includes your choice of corn, or flour tortillas AND your choice of rice or refried beans.  The "full" order is "mega huge" in size; a normal person couldn't eat it.  I'm thinking it's a half gallon or something, but it's so HUGE that it's scary.  Seriously, it could feed two or three hungry lumberjacks after spending the day falling trees in the forest.  The menudo was good, but I was only able to eat about a third of it, which is crazy, as I'm a voracious eater.  Seriously, if you order a full dish of menudo, bring your date, order an extra bowl, and enjoy...  The refried beans are delicious, and remind me of beans I've enjoyed during my trips to Mexico.  Great food!

Oh yes, the menudo is good, and, by damn, there's plenty of it!  The atmosphere is friendly, it's air conditioned, and the food is good.  Caveat:  Bring a buddy if you're ordering menudo, as there is lots of it... Maybe bring the whole Fresno State Bulldog football team, as a couple of bowls of Bobby Salazar's menudo would feed the whole offensive line.

Menudo on Tuesday?  Not many restaurants in the greater Fresno area offer menudo every day, but Bobby Salizar's does, as it's available every day on their extensive menu.  Menudo aside, the food is good, the dining is comfortable, and the people are friendly.  There is EVERYTHING to love about dining at Bobby Salizar's!

Bobby Salazar's
430 Clovis Ave.
Clovis, CA 93612
559 324-0484

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