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Bellini's Roman Bistro has everything that you could ever with for in a restaurant, including some of the best Italian cusine to be found in town, friendly people, delicious pizza - more on that in a bit - a "Cheers-like" atmosphere, a wide variety of beer, and an elegant, full-service bar!  Bellini's is the sort of place where you can perch yourself on a chair, enjoy a beer, relax, and savor the food, the beer and the atmosphere.

Photo:  Now this in an impressive exterior for a restaurant!  Bonnie and Matthew seem to be interested more in discussing the food rather than admiring the attractive exterior of the restaurant.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Heather, takes orders, as Greg pours a beer from a pitcher of Pacifico that we ordered for the occasion.  Bellini's offers a wide selection of domestic, imported and craft beers.  Note the high table and matching chairs, which I really liked.

Photo:  It's Saturday, August 13, 2011, and the first pre-season football game is being played, and Bellini's has the game playing on television screens all over the restaurant.  We're sitting at our table, looking towards the main dining room and the full-service bar to the left of the photo.

Photo:  Heather poses for my digital camera as she brings a Vincenzo pizza to our table.  My sister, Bonnie, is a vegetarian, so we ordered the vegetarian Vincenzo for her, but we all had a piece or two of it.  This fine veggie pizza features fresh tomato slices, basil, roasted garlic and basil oil, and it's truly delicious.

Photo:  The Vincenzo pizza is truly a work of art, so I felt compelled to snap a photo of it before we tore into it.  No, that's not lemonade in the glass, it's Blue Moon beer, complete with a slice of orange.

Photo:  Two slices of some of the best pizza that Merced has to offer, with the vegetarian Vincenzo on the left, and a slice of the Joe Man pizza, which was Matthew's choice. Joe Man is a pepperoni pizza, with red sauce, roasted peppers, and mixed cheeses.  I asked our server Heather how the pizza got its name - I used to work with a dude by the name of John Mann - and she didn't know.  Whatever the origin, the name is rather quaint... maybe because it's a "manly" pizza and not for sissies!

Photo:  This wasn't a family reunion, but it came pretty close... as we're all close family members, e.g., brothers, sisters, spouses and kids.  Left to right:  Margie Rench, Michael Rench, Matthew Rench, Eric Rench, Greg Wilson, Bonnie Wilson, Elizabeth Rench, and Emily Rench.  Just for the record, my sister Bonnie is an "ex-Rench."

Photo:  My son Matthew, enjoys a slice of his Joe Man pizza as cousins Elizabeth and Emily look on.  Matthew is a connoisseur of fine pizza, and as he likes to say, "Pizza is the perfect food, and it combines everything and you don't need a knife and fork to eat it."  I wholly agree!

Bellini's Roman Bistro serves delicious pizza!  We noted that the crust is quite thin, but it's cooked "just right" to a golden brown, that isn't too crunchy or chewy.  The topping were fresh, and delicious... Everything about Bellini's is a class-act.  Bellini's Roman Bistro means good food, good fun, and good people!

Bellini's Roman Bistro
2000 East Childs Ave.
Merced, CA 95341
209 383-3020

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